Friday, 4 May 2012

TV3 exposes Key Dotcom connection...

What the US demands we give. 
Life is funny at times John Campbell on TV3 interviews John Key [Friday 4th May 2012 on Campbell Live] about his relationship with Mr. Dotcom: John Key states "that he had never heard the name till the night before", the CIA / FBI using our police riot-squad, a helicopter, and about thirty cops raided Dotcom’s mansion. Rushed him off to prison, and stole his private property [confirmed by a NZ judge just last week].

He didn’t know that Mr. Dotcom paid for and organised the greatest fire-works display in Auckland. The rest of NZ did because it was in all the papers and on TV.

He also stated that: He wasn’t told when Dotcom was given NZ residency by buying ten million dollars worth of NZ Bonds, nor when Minister Maurice Williamson gave him a big tick, he didn’t know when or why the minister of justice Simon Power turned him down when he [Dotcom] wanted to buy another large property.

He didn’t know him or of him nor what was happening to him when he had dinner with Warner Brothers in the US.

Nor did he know that Warner Brothers were one of the US movie makers requesting that the FBI arrest Dotcom so as to put him out of business…now if you can believe all that, then Father Christmas must still be on your mailing list. John Key makes John Banks look honest

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