Saturday, 19 May 2012

Sale Yard conversation overheard.

 Patsy  question man Ian Mckelvie 

Overheard at the Feilding Sale yards, I got full value from my Sally Whites super hearing aids, without them the best kept secrets would never make the news.;
“Ian [McKelvie] who is the crowd in the green T shirts, asked John Key our PM.
“Hang on sir I’ll ask my office staff, said Ian.
The PM shook another farmer’s hand, and smirked at yet another ewe.
“Sir, they are striking workers from the local meat works”, said Ian lowering his eyes.
“Really, I thought they were locked out”, said John lowering his voice.
“Well some are and others are on strike supporting them”, uttered Ian sounding a bit like a ewe.
“Why would they do that, we live in an individual society now days, don’t we Ian”, said John.
“Oh yes Sir”, said Ian lowering his eyes even lower till he was looking at John’s shoes.
“I’m glad you agree Ian, I may now let you ask another patsy question”, said John.
“Oh that would be nice, could I ask one about Talley’s and their style of management”, begged Ian.
“No way”, said John you know the rules, we must not upset our big donors”, he added.
“Sorry Sir I forgot about that rule and I don’t want to end up like your mate John Banks” he whispered.
“You are aware that Talley’s have more money than me so we must stay on the right side of them and please don’t utter that name John Banks again, somebody might hear you”, OK what’s next on my agenda, I’m sick of talking to farmers and ewes”.
“Sure John Sir, next on the agenda is a cup of tea”, whimpered Ian.
“Who with”, asked John grinning once again at a farmer or was it a ewe.
“That religious guy who leads the Conservative Party, I can’t remember his name”, said Ian.

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