Monday, 28 May 2012

Taxing news paper boys & girls to get into surplus.

Unless you are a paper boy or girl or live in a rest home

Well believe it nor not the Prime Minister turned up for work last Thursday, he normally doesn’t work on a Thursday, for he rarely enters parliament on a Thursday, it is thought that’s the day he heads of to Hawaii, or London or Singapore. But last Thursday he had to be there to support Bill English for the budget presentation. He may as well have headed off to Hawaii as usual for all the good he did.
This was a budget for the times screamed big John better known as smirky, its sensible and it’s a zero budget, he raved as he wiped the sweat from his brow. But in his budget speech he left out a few facts, he kept back a few dirty little secrets. Even though he had already drip fed the bad news over the few weeks leading up to the budget.
Key did not tell us that most of the Treasury predictions were wrong, out of date and not worth the paper on which they were written. But wait that’s not all, he didn’t tell us that he planned to tax paper boys and girls or that he was going to chop the rebates to the elderly who find themselves in a rest home. He treated the 56 thousand Kiwi paper boys and girls with the same distain that he treated the 200 plus employees he sacked at Merrill Lynch so as to get his bonus just before Merrill Lynch was bailed out because of its shocking management. That’s where he earned the nick name the smiling assassin, and he is our PM…
This budget was a typical Merrill Lynch document full of smoke and mirrors and shonky figures. And while he headed off to Auckland to his smoked salmon lunch he left behind a rag tag bunch of strange back benchers to pass under urgency the law that would steal from the poor school children and infirm and dieing elderly. A law, I might add, that no one knew about because they informed no one that these taxes were going to be introduced. Like a good lap dog bushy haired Peter Dunne stood on his hind legs and earned his ministers salary for about ten minutes telling us how much he cared for paper boys. At least he stood and let the wind move his tongue about, because later the Minister of Social Welfare sat on her ample backside and said nothing, I don’t think she even knew this theft from the elderly was even in the budget. Grey Power and Age Concern didn’t know until a few minutes before it was known via the budget release. This was a rotten sneaky trick to play on those who have worked all their lives paid their taxes, fought in our wars. They deserved better, just as did our paper boys and girls. We have:
270 000 children living in poverty with zero hope from this zero budget?
267 000 NZers unemployed and underemployed with zero hope from this zero budget?
500 000 NZers earning less than $16 an hour with zero hope from this zero budget? And we have 51 thousand leaving NZ this year, that’s the most ever!
Judging by the crap put forward by Key and English chopping NZ 7, sacking public servants and soldiers, selling off our assets, taxing newspaper boys and girls and having our elderly die in poverty is the answer to all our woes. When Key took over public debt was zero. Key still lacks the guts to tackle private debt. 
Louis Crimp a strange millionaire from Southland who backed the Act Party to the tune of $125 thousand dollars came out from under his rock and after washing the slime off his face, rattled on about Maori to the media. This old time and aged bigot had his ten minutes of fame. He was then ignored by all and crawled back under his rock. Thank God.

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