Friday, 11 May 2012

Should we let State Murderers train our military?

Legal Murder an everyday event for some. 

Training state murderers

How are we affected by the behaviour of others, at times it seems a hell of a lot? When does a terrorist become a terrorist and who decides? Is murder not murder when sanctioned by the state? When soldiers become murderers and these murderers become the teachers what is the affect on their students, do they too become legalised murderers?  

While our new Minister of Defence Jonathan Coleman gets dressed up in comic styled military gear and somehow then imagines he is suddenly a soldier or sailor or airman and proceeds to act accordingly, he is being not unlike a child with new toys, he play acts, he dreams. He supports closer connections to the big boys of the world military establishment and says it’s what our military need. He is wrong…

Because those big boys he seems to admire teach hate and mass murder to their students: the US Joint Forces Staff College had up until recently taught that the holy city of Mecca may have to be obliterated by using the bomb, so as to destroy al-queda and its basic religion Islam. There is nothing new in this attitude because it’s normal right-wing fundamentalist rhetoric. And it creates an attitude that leads to a destructive compulsion that ignores humanity. Throughout history these behaviours have created the bigotry and hate that brings down empires.

Mass murder has been used in the past to achieve domination. England used it to subjugate its Catholic population and destroy resistance in Scotland and Ireland, and in every country they conquered. Germany used it to destroy the Jewish people of Europe before and during world war two. The US used it when it dropped Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima even though the war was almost over and based on present information the bomb was dropped basically for training and scientific purposes. It was used in Vietnam, in Iraq and Afghanistan and failed in all three. It is rotten and corrupt and is the weapon of cowards.

We are now being told that New Zealand military forces will be exercising with US forces that have taught mass murder to their officers as a part of their learning processes. When one is taught by a bully one becomes a bully, and the same applies to being taught by State controlled murderers. The result is legalised murder of the type presently used in Syria, Israel and in most dictatorships

When will we ever learn that murder begets murder, you don’t stop terrorism by murdering terrorists, you master terrorism by removing the need for that terrorism. You won’t solve unemployment by shooting the unemployed. The problem of using military force to solve social problems is well documented throughout history. The problem for the United States and others is that the military has become their biggest industry. And their wars are fought not for freedom and democracy but for power and money.

 We here in NZ should not fall into that same trap but sadly it would appear that we are ignoring the lessons of history by getting into bed and prostituting ourselves with those to whom freedom is in no way like that in which we believe.  

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