Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Hikoi = Family = democracy...

They march to save OUR assets.
Thousands of thousands of people marched in Auckland against the sale of their assets by the Key led government. They joined those marching on the Hikoi that’s heading toward Wellington which commenced in the far North. The Maori concept of holding a Hikoi on serious issues is one that must be picked up by non Maori. Why because it is a highly effective method of making a point, and you don’t have to be rich to take part. It is a great leveler and governments do take notice because they are scared of the numbers. The mining of public owned land was halted because of the massive numbers that marched on that issue. Jerry Brownlee and Smirky Key broke out in a cold sweat and back peddled at a rapid rate once they were forced to recognise the power of the people. In many respects it is the modern method employed to express public opinion especially since the news media seems hell bent on only supporting the financial empires that control right-wing politics. Maori have proven the power of people is doubled or trebled when used in this manner, and they should know because they have used this people process for a hundred years.
Part of The Hikoi arrived at Palmerston North on Tuesday afternoon where they were welcomed by around four hundred supporters. If you weren’t there you missed a clear and concise demonstration of what collectivism means in behaviour terms. Maori know what the word family or whanau means but more than that they understand what is emotionally felt when the word is used, the Hikoi proves that fact.  

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