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Tony Marryatt...sacked CEO bites back.

Tony Marryatt

Tony Marryatt Ex-CEO ChCh Council cries foul...yeah right. 

Early this year when four thousand angry Christchurch residents, business leaders, protested outside the Christchurch City Council demanding that Tony Marryatt the CCC CEO not receive a massive salary increase of sixty-eight thousand dollars per year.
They sent shock waves through the very foundations of City Councils and local bodies all around New Zealand.
It was an earthquake of a differing kind. It was citizen power rather than the power of nature.
They did not simply and rightly, demand that the huge increase not be paid. They also said that he simply wasn’t worth what he was already getting which was around a half a million dollars plus per year.

While the rest of the country, and Christchurch specifically, was being asked or ordered to tighten their belts, pay more GST and take no salary increases the leadership of both government and business nationally and locally were accepting salary increases based on a mythical relativity known as the ‘market’ rate.

Put simply, that is the weird and self generated belief that because x [CEO] got an increase then y [CEO] should as well. It was stupid from the outset and was doomed to failure because we’d all, in the end, go broke, and it had to be stopped.

But it could only be stopped if some one stood up against it. This idiotic financial suicide heaping mistakes on top of mistakes, was also the opposite of the so-called free market that capitalists such as these very CEO’s rant about all around the world. This obviously false and self created world is truly of planet National. It epitomises the self created importance of the 1% as against the 99%.

Imagine if they applied that same principle to those who do the real work…would our Care givers and Cleaners get only $13.50 to $14.00 per hour? For that is what the cleaners get for cleaning up after the Prime Minister, so that’s what he thinks they are worth. And the same guy taxes our paper boys and girls! While people like Marryatt get huge tax reductions and pay no capital gains tax.

Tony Marryatt is but the tip of the iceberg, there are CEO’s all over NZ not worth their salaries, yet demand automatic adjustments upwards every time their salaries are reviewed. The very real question is, if they can be reviewed upward then why not downward.

Tony Marryatt is undertaking legal action against Christchurch City Councillors. Why because some uneducated councillors and mayor [Bob Parker] fell for their own spin and agreed to the massive and unearned increase.

While others sided with the massive numbers protesting his stupid increases and then joined the protesters on the street.

No doubt these increases were on the recommendation of the Mayor and a small committee of councillors who without doubt acted on the advice of a private company who gets paid a percentage of the finally agreed salary rate. That way the Mayor and his cronies could hide behind that advice. 

They same thing happens all around the country. Overpaid and under-taxed and poorly performing individuals approve huge increases to others of the same ilk not because of actual performance but because in the end it increases their own salaries. To read what I wrote back in Feb 2012 go to:

To read Stuff’s report on Marryatt go to:

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