Sunday, 9 September 2012

Are ACC a bunch of Liars...Pet Dr's make millions

Is Paula Rebstock's Goldmine Trustworthy. No says TV3.

ACC appears to be a bunch of crooks.

TV 3’s Sundays 60 minutes carried out a searching look into ACC behaviours regarding its treatment of long term clients or patients and the result was shocking from whatever perspective you look at it.

When Nick Smith the dumped Minister of ACC signed a deal three years ago to reduce the numbers of long term clients he knowingly or in ignorance started a process that ensured that some Doctors made millions of dollars giving ACC the reports that they needed to massively cut the numbers being paid long term payments.

The ACC has used key hand picked Doctors to review long term patients files and declare them fit for work.

Some Doctors according to sixty minutes have been paid up to as high as two million dollars over a two or three year period working for the ACC.

Some Doctors were not even specialists in the field that they were reviewing.

Also ACC would fly Doctors from small South Island locations all around the country to conduct the reviews on long term clients even when there were expert specialists living and working near by.

Other Doctors / Specialist were asked to change their findings and because of this many Specalists refused to do ACC work [Reports]

The programme was hugely revealing and showed concerted effort to have people reviewed by ACC’s favourite hand picked so-call medical experts, for that is what these Doctors appeared to be.

No wonder the national party has made Paula Rebstock the new Chairperson of ACC, she is ideally suited to this slash and burn policy put in place by the National Government.

TV 3’s 60 minutes programme has blown open the rotten core of ACC once and for all.

This present government by creating and condoning this almost and may be, criminal behaviour proves yet again the inhuman behaviour of the treatment of our beneficiaries.

Please if you can go on line and watch this latest 60 minutes programme. I’m sure that like me you will be shocked.

I await some quick action to get rid of those Doctors who have got rich quick by being toadies of our ACC that was once respected.  

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