Thursday, 27 September 2012

Is truth bad for your health?

Is truth bad for your health?

Why do people at the top have to lie to maintain their PR image of being so-called tough leaders? Why is it necessary for leaders to appear as if they are always correct? Is it because we the public demand this so called ability of decisiveness from our leaders, why can’t they accept the fact; that they are human and mistakes are human?

Find me a person who has never made a mistake and I’ll suggest to you that you’ve found a liar. To err is human it is said and it is a truism proven beyond doubt.

Of course it is often very convenient to claim an error has been made by persons unknown. That way you can state with a small sense of reduced honesty…that it wasn’t my fault but the fault of someone else, usually unnamed.

ACC did it and have done it for years, when a doctor fails to give them the answer they want they find another doctor who will, and pay him accordingly. Why they thought they wouldn’t be caught out is beyond intelligent reasoning.

Leaking homes is another area where blame was allocated to cowboy builders where in fact the blame lay clearly and obviously with the removing and lowering of the standards permitted by law. And that was the work of the government, and it has cost, and is still costing billions to fix.  

The latest batch of half truths and straight out lies was the John Banks saga. Everyone knows that John Banks lied and if one doesn’t know that now one would have to be blind, ignorant or named Roger Douglas. The Prime Minister John Key, I don’t doubt has instructed his cabinet not to read the official police report so they can plead ignorance and thereby not be convicted of lying. This behaviour is of course typical of some one who sees himself and his appointed cabinet as above the law.

But the damage has been done. Bank’s is finished his political career over, his party ACT has all but disappeared from the political scene. Roger Douglas, Don Brash have been dispatched to the scrap heap, but the reality is that their insane and racist dream has been picked up by National. These failed concepts have been picked by Steven Joyce and Bill English and Paula Bennett who spin half truths about their value. Once again this is official lying on a massive scale. Banks rarely appears in Parliament but still picks up his two hundred thousand dollar salary.

The PM has received another kick in the butt over the handling of the Kim Dotcom saga, his natural inclination to please the country that made him rich [USA] has led him into a sea of half truths that are now showing what he really is best suited for, a salesman, and ex Wall Street hack who got out at the right time before Wall Street was shown to be a bunch of crap artists who grew fat by bankrupting people and even nations.

His statement that he never knew about Kim Dotcom until the day before the massive police, FBI, invasion of his mansion is beyond belief. Didn’t he read about the huge fireworks display that cost 500 thousands dollars celebrating Dotcoms NZ residency acceptance. Dotcom lives in his electorate. It’s simply crap of the highest order. Today he even tried to stop parliament from discussing the issue until he had got the main stream media and his pet bloggers on board. Fortunately he failed, if he had succeeded the issue couldn’t have discussed in Parliament for three weeks. He is a lazy Prime Minister who has failed to supervise the spies he is in charge of that work for the Government Communications Security Bureau [CSB]. The GCSB is answerable to absolutely no one other than the Prime Minister and according to the act, the prime minister represents the only democratic restraint on that organisation who job it is to spy on foreigners only and not on NZ citizens or residents.  

So it would seem that truth is bad for your health especially your political health. So it is correct to assume that lying is good for politicians health, based on the above it would appear that the evidence of the last three or four years that lying is better than honesty. We need to remember that our leadership only gets away with this self-centered behaviour because we allow them to.

These words from Albert Einstein say it all…

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