Sunday, 23 September 2012

John Key supporters offer help.

Dear John Key and a anxious lead supporter. 

A letter to John Key…from his supporters.
As polls show a decline in national support. National party supporters and even members are deeply concerned and are seeking ways that it can help John Key achieve his wonderful and bright future he envisions. Here are just a few of those that can be published.  

Dear Kind Uncle John Key please tell us, how we can report all the beneficiary bludgers, would it be best to send you an email with their names and their crimes listed in alphabetical order. Are rich people who get given plumb state jobs or contracts beneficiaries? Should we include John Banks for example, for he never seems to go to work and he still gets paid?

Dear Dr. John Key, please tell us how we can stop all these thousands of young people from committing the crime of being born into the homes of the poor and needy. Should we introduce sterilisation for all those under 25 earning less than $50.000 per year, and how can we help in selecting those worthy for state sterilisation.

Dear Headmaster John Key how can we help you ensure that all those on benefits wear a yellow star that shows they are not fit to bring up children in this day and age. You may recall if you read, using your very selective reading skills, history that this was a very successful way of weeding out the unworthy in days gone bye in a really right-wing state.

Dear finance whiz-kid John Key can show us the path by which we all rip off the system and end up owning mansions in Hawaii or London. We know that you know the answer to the wealth gaining dilemma because you successfully achieved this very worthy goal.

Dear Salesman John Key, now that international criminal Panetta and you are buddies, how can, we as your loyal followers, help you decide where to station a few thousand US troops so as to help us fight an unknown war against an unknown enemy and for reasons as yet unknown.

Dear educationist expert John Key, can we contact you by phone, fax, email, letter or even pigeon to let you know about all the nasty teachers who by their poor work habits and shocking teacher skills force our children not to learn and should we burn down all the decile one to four schools so as to raise the national standards you have fallen in love with.

Dear Master Chief John key, please give us the wisdom and ability to live on twenty five dollars a day for a family of four, I’m sure that your massive experience of living in a state house and on a well deserved benefit back in the good old days will enable you to teach us middle class kiwi’s how to not only survive but save millions for our brighter future… 

There were hundreds of others but the language was such that they couldn't be published... 

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