Friday, 21 September 2012

US hit man pays us a visit...

NZ hosts ex CIA hit man Leon Panetta. 

USA top hit man visits NZ as guest of our Minister of Defence Jonathan Coleman.

“There are different types of courage”, says Jon, an US Lieutenant Colonel, “Ours requires moral courage. We take moral and legal risks. If I pull the trigger and I’m wrong I have to live with the consequences”, he said. [Guardian Weekly 10.08.12]

This Lt-Col is talking grap. He is a pilot who sits in a trailer up to a hundred miles away from this target, he pilots a drone unmanned aircraft and presses the button to release the rockets or bombs at civilian targets while he drinks his coffee. That takes stuff all courage. He has no worries at all, and needs to fear no moral condemnation, because the government and nation he works for doesn’t give a hoot about how many people die as he performs his legalised murder in the ironic name of freedom.

His direct boss is US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta, an ex boss of the CIA who are legally in the US allowed to kill who they wish, when they wish and where they wish. In fact they give them medals for doing just that.

Just yesterday this legalised murder machine was dining with our Minister of Defence Jonathan Coleman.

Earlier Panetta told us American forces will act on "any information that is credible" to hunt down and send a message to the insurgents in Afghanistan responsible for the deaths of three Kiwi soldiers. [US PR words for killing the families and innocent victims]

Our part time PM leapt aboard and Prime Minister John Key confirmed yesterday a small contingent of SAS had returned to Afghanistan to be involved in the hunt for the intelligence against the bombers responsible for the three latest New Zealand deaths.  

Beat that for stupidity…giving the so-called enemy advanced warning.

But if the US carry’s out any sort of attack the chances are they will murder farmers working in their fields, women taking their children to school or anyone they happen to spot. The US is well known for killing the wrong people, remember it was they who invented the phase ‘collateral damage’ legal US word for murder of innocents.

Using Panetta’s latest murder weapon ‘Drones’ thus far they have murdered around 2,500 to 3,500 innocent victims in Pakistan alone. [ Wajid Shamsul Hasan, Pakinstani High Commission in London]. And believe it or not Pakistan is a US Ally; if that’s how they treat their allies and we are one, what must they be doing to their enemies.

And this Mr. Leon Panetta is the guy NZ is sucking up to.

Would you invite a murderer in for Sunday dinner…there are those who would rightly suggest that we should actually arrest this rat-bag while he’s here and hand him over to the World Court for trial on well based murder charges.

But I doubt Key and his followers would show that kind of courage…their courage is not unlike the so-called brave US half Col who sits well out of danger protected by the Atomic Bomb and guides a death machine across international borders, bombs the life out of an innocent population and says what a good boy I am, and gets a purple heart for stubbing his toe while getting out of bed...

So much for justice, honour Coleman Key style.

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