Thursday, 6 September 2012

Lunch with the Key's

Lunch at the Key’s

“What’s troubling you dear”, she asked.
“They are all so stupid”, he answered.
“I’m sure they are not all stupid dear, sometimes you need to listen longer”, she said.
“But there isn’t time, they are just delaying the inevitable”, he mumbled.
“Who are they dear”, she uttered sympathetically.
“Oh, just them”, he said rather quietly.

“Stop being silly, you are always like this when you can’t get your own way”, she said in a manner befitting a school teacher.
“I do not”, he shot back.
“Now, dear there is no need to throw a tantrum, you are not in Parliament now, maybe if you tell me what’s bothering you I can help”, she said.

“Why do they have to have a King, he asked, then adding, “who do they think they are royalty?
“Settle down dear, you’ll spill your lovely pink salmon in red wine that the cook prepared especially for you. Now which King are you referring to? She gently asked.

“The Maori King that’s who…” he at last blurted out as he thumped the table making his red salmon seem almost alive.
“Maori have a King, I didn’t know that, but I suppose its OK after we have a Queen so why shouldn’t Maori have a King”, she said as she steadied the table to prevent the wine glasses shaking as if a minor earthquake had struck.
“Oh, you just don’t understand, he, the King that is, is calling a Hui”, he uttered.

“What’s a Hui dear”, she asked.
“A meeting, gathering, I’m told a Hui can be two people or two thousand”, he replied quickly.
“So what’s wrong with the Maori King calling a meeting if he wants to discuss something important”, she asked seriously.

“Well for one thing he has invited the wrong people he should only invite important people, and he should ask me first”, he said in such a rush she had a hard job following him.
“Why dear”, she whispered grinning.
“I’m the most important person in the country”, he answered in a flash.
“Really, well you are to me dear”, she said.

“Well let me tell you, none of my Maori MP’s will attend his mad Hui, that’s for sure”, he shouted.

“Now calm down dear I’m sure Heke Parata or Paula Bennett and who’s the other Maori, that Henare chap won’t be keen to go if you tell them not to, after all as you say you’re the boss, now eat your lunch you need your strength for opening that new Charter School for wayward beneficiaries in Helensville, and that’s far more important than a Maori Kings Hui…John Banks will be there will he not, and I know how you like having afternoon tea with John. Will Mr. Dotcom be there too? She said.

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