Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Luigi Wewege Young Nats Man of the Year.

Luigi Wewege, Bevan Chuang , John Palino. Two have fled the country 

John Key supports the Auckland Branch of the National Party youth branch in its recommendation to put forward Luigi Wewege as NZ’s National Party Youth hero for 2013.

The award is based on his performance in organising the Len Brown affair plus his fantastic back ground and CV. Also his enlightened approach in persuading fellow young Nats to participate in sharing their natural physical ability in the cause of John Keys dynamic future New Zealand was highly rated.

“His CV is a clear example of what all young Nats should aim for”, said John Key in commenting on Luigi Wewege’s nomination. “It is not dissimilar to my own CV and look at me I made Prime Minister”, added Key with a look of positive pride. Key handed out a copy of Luigi Wewege’s CV, the great bulk of which was blacked out, and this was because much of it was commercially sensitive, said Mr. Key.

The Herald on Sunday obtained a copy of Wewege's 2011 CV in which he claims membership of nearly a dozen global associations spanning science, humanitarian and leadership initiatives.
He also claims to have been executive director of a tyre company while an undergraduate in the United States.
One achievement listed was the "creation of the KwaMashu Township initiative" with Westville Golf Academy, near Durban in his native South Africa.

African National Congress staff in KwaMashu had never heard of the initiative, and could not locate any evidence of its existence.
It has also emerged Wewege was fired from a job with a volunteer organisation soon after arriving in New Zealand after clashing with staff.
A director of a respected Auckland-based charity said Wewege was asked to leave the volunteer organisation, which asked not to be named to protect its reputation.
"He came to us with some big talk involving an organisation he had been involved with in the States. It wasn't that he did anything extremely bad; he just didn't really do anything. "He had an argument with a couple of volunteers. We asked him to step down and he did."

Of course not all Young Nats agreed with the nomination, even his old supporter/lover Bevan Chuang, disagrees with his nomination.

One young Nat Hamish Price said he warned Palino against the idea of Wewege writing policy.
"I said Luigi has a reputation for having issues with women, young women in particular.
"That has been evident in the National Party: he was pulled aside and spoken to about it, his behaviour didn't change and he was shunted out as a result."

Wewege has gone to ground since the Len Brown scandal broke and did not respond to calls.

However, a former girlfriend, TV beautician Angela Stone, said he had a good heart. "He's already said to me, 'Look Ange, this is not what it's appearing like,' and I do trust him. He has a good heart.

There are strong rumours that Luigi Wewege has slipped out of the country to San Francisco and that his one-way ticket was supplied by John Palino or John Key and when and if he does return he will take up a position with the GCSB. It is felt that his skills will be highly valued by the secret spy organisation.

Ian Fletcher Key's school mate.
The Head of the GCSB Ian Fletcher said “That his [Luigi Wewege] international skills and knowledge of how to turn common folk into active, even proactive agents for the State will be certain to lead to better protection from terrorists for all of us”.

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