Wednesday, 16 October 2013

A tale of two Mayors, Banks and Brown

News Release
15 October 2013
Statement from Mayor Len Brown
“I don’t intend to comment on the highly personalised allegations made on a blog site this afternoon.
“But I do confirm that I had a relationship with a woman that lasted around two years.
“I told my wife previously, and she and I are working through the issues privately. We are looking to protect our children as best we can.
“These are matters of an entirely personal nature and I ask that the media respect my family’s privacy.”
Brown confirmed the woman was not a council employee but served on a council advisory board and stood in this year’s election for a local board.

Chinese and American style politics hits Auckland City. Cameron Slater, the son of the right-wing campaign manager [and ex-National party President] of losing mayoral candidate an ex US multimillionaire import named John Palino reveals all, shock horror it could get the ‘Truth’ back on the printing press.

Maybe both he and the woman involved were so disappointed with the result of the election that they simply had to go public with the behavior of Len Brown.

While I don’t know Len Brown, nor the woman involved I would suggest that Cameron Slater is well known as a sleaze bag. His blog is famous for its errors and its low level scandal tripe on an ongoing basis.

This three month wonder [Slater] editor of ‘Truth’ that once infamous weekly once owned by a couple of imported brothel owners.

It would appear [based on her own statements] that the woman involved was more upset about not being paid than anything else, while I have nothing against those in the legal prostitution industry, and I suppose it is possible to fall in love or be attracted by a well performing sexual woman who knows how to create the right climate.

Married men should of course know better but judging by the number of divorces etc these days many don’t.

In no way am I making excuses either for Brown or his willing partner, I mean surely she knew he was married, I mean the affair lasted two years…and it is obvious that she was a willing partner. 

What people do behind closed doors is surely private especially when both are consenting adults.
Nor should we expect once the affair fell into Whaleoils slippery and grubby hands that it wouldn’t become public. That’s what Slater is all about.

I guess now we will have some low-life prying into John Palinos' background and family life in an attempt to find connections to the Mafia or the American criminal or financial fraternity as they are both intertwined these days. 

With a name like Palino which sure sounds Italian anything is possible. And of course the independent [unemployed] ex-Herald reporter whom some foolishly call a journalist could have a field day investigating Palino, but the true question is would Cam Slater publish it?

Anyway it sounds as if Brown will fight to hang on to his job and with a salary like that, he can do little else, at least in the short term. If born again evangelists’ and Pastors can have multi sexual affairs and keep their congregations’ happy so be it. Maybe Len should become a political evangelist. 

Part Two:

2.30pm Wednesday 16th October 2013:
John Banks that model of honesty and man of the people is to go before a judge to plead his case. 

This deeply honest yeah-right, and forthright ACT Party leader that was gifted the seat of Epsom over a cup of tea by the Prime Minister who is well practiced at giving wealthy millionaires free gifts: [Hollywood, Peter Jackson, and Sky City etc.]  At last has been brought to account.

Banks forgetfulness is well known, remember; he couldn’t even remember his ride in Kim Dotcoms' helicopter, or lunching with him, or telling him to put his donation to his mayoral fund in two lots of twenty-five thousand dollars so that he wouldn’t have to declare it. 

The same wee chap took $15.000 in a brown envelope from the boss of Sky City Casino and now it is Banks sole vote that will enable Sky City to make around four hundred million dollars extra over the next thirty years…[boy is that some pay-back]

Yes without his vote National via John Key and Steven Joyce couldn’t get the bill passed in Parliament. The irony is that the very same boss of Sky City will have to testify in court about John Banks.

Even at this late stage John Key still heaps false and empty praise on John Banks…he is a wonderful Minister, honest, hardworking and diligent so says John Key, yes the very same John Key, who couldn’t remember who Kim Dotcom was, even though Dotcom lived in the PM’s electorate.

I don’t know which is the worse, Len Brown and his infatuation with a willing participant in an attempt to relive his youth . 

Or John Banks and his crazy desire to rip off the citizens of Auckland and later New Zealand via fraud and manipulation. Was it for power reasons known only to himself, after all he didn’t need the money and he did lose the mayoralty to Len Brown now that’s what I call ironic…

What says you.  

Here ends the lesson.

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