Sunday, 13 October 2013

Judith Collins has her pants in a twist

This from the Scoop web site got me thinking about Justice, Courts and the Death Penalty…:

“In the wake of the Privy Council decision on Mark Lundy, even Justice Minister Judith Collins has reportedly rejected the need for an independent body empowered to investigate contentious cases. This is all too typical pig-headedness on her part. Arthur Allen Thomas, David Bain, Rex Haig, David Dougherty and now Lundy…almost every major criminal case in New Zealand seems to have left large numbers of people with the feeling that our justice system regularly gets it wrong, and can’t be relied on to either (a) convict the right person or (b) manage the proceedings of justice in a way that instills confidence that the ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ standard has been properly met.[quote ends]

Justice Minister Crusher Collins has had a memory failure yet again…The names Arthur Allen Thomas, David Bain, Rex Haig, and David Dougherty don’t ring a bell in her empty head. And now Lundy…Mark that is, has flashed on to her radar…and that’s a big problem because it sort of proves that our police simply watch too much TV, where the cops are always heroic and correct and never wrong and where evidence just appears out of the blue, if you’ll excuse the pun…and the good guys always get their man.

When in fact they are both, [wrong or right] most of the time, especially it would seem, when proving people guilty of murder and such like. In Judith Collin’s blinkered eyes, evidence wasn’t planted by a now deceased detective and his mates, why because a top policeman praised the detective concerned while he was buried with full Police honours when many among the mourners and the public knew exactly what the Detective had illegally done.

Recently [three or four years ago] a young Maori was convicted of rape and murder, while the real killer remained at large continuing with his raping etc. A few months ago six top detectives went to their boss and said that they felt strongly that he was wrongly convicted…but as yet Judith Collins or the police bosses have refused to reopen the case…

This is clear evidence of how morally bankrupt the minister is in upholding justice. The police even admit that the so-called confession obtained was most likely forced rather than freely given. Oh the police finally caught the rapist after he had attacked many more victims over a two year period. Beat that for a mighty stuff up.

According to Crusher Collins this represents good team work, pride in ones unit so to speak and the key responsibility seems to be:never admit that mistakes are possible and have been made. 

That she would suggest this approach represents failure of the highest order, and politically that it is dangerous to ones political health especially if you have your eye on being Prime Minister.So instead of taking action she sits on her hands and grins that now well known smirk.

So that leads to erratic and idiotic behaviour that shuts down rather than revealing possible criminal and atrocious behaviour: like planting evidence to secure a heroic conviction. The new police cry seems to be ‘That we’ve got our man’, not that we’ve got the right man! And Judith baby calls that justice.

We are just lucky that the death penalty is not in favour these days because if it were then Arthur Allen Thomas, David Bain, Rex Haig, David Dougherty and now Mark Lundy…could well be dead.

As Judith Crusher Collins would and will, no doubt point out to the cabinet she unfortunately is a member of, ‘Just think of how much money we could save if we had the death penalty', and I’m sure the Sensible Sentencing Trust and its august leader would whole heartily agree with her, for they would appear to be of a like mind, in fact it is hard to tell the difference between that organisation and Judith Crusher Collins
No wonder ‘The Vote’ on TV 3 found that more citizens mistrust the police than trust them.

We need to do two things as quickly as possible. 1, Dump the minister and 2. Educate the Police.

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