Monday, 7 October 2013

Campbell Live roasts Simon Bridges

The brilliant Campbell Live show shone the light on the livable wage debate that presently sweeps across the Nation.

From his introduction remarks that pointed out the stupidity of party jumper idiot Tau Henare [now a National Party list MP] to the very real discussions with those who clean the toilets in Parliament. John was in super form, it's a must see

Watch the interviews and then with compassion sit back and put yourself in the cleaner’s shoes, try to imagine the task they undertake for the pittance they receive for what’s involved. Here is the site to go to, to view the John Campbell item:

It is not enough to simply understand the enormity of the task these cleaners undertake, for sympathy won’t pay the bills, it’s not enough to show empathy, although that is a step in the right direction.

What is needed is action and commitment to achieving a livable wage for everyone…but I hear you say, “What can I do? The truth is you can do heaps, what’s needed is the energy and motivation to get started. Here are a few suggestions.

1.      Join any group supporting a living wage.

2.      Ring you local MP and ask if he/she supports a living wage, remind him/her that you won’t vote for them unless they do…that’s not blackmail that’s honesty.

3.      Next time your at your super-market ask the staff if they and other staff if they are paid a livable wage, if the answer is negative ask to speak to the boss…and suggest to him that you are looking to shop else where unless a living wage becomes their policy in the future.

4.      Next time you are at any type of council operation, ask the same question, and ring a Councillor or two to express your view.

5.      Write to the paper and do the same.

6.      Write to or ring your local hospital and pound their ear about the subject, if you’ve got email use that to push your argument.

7.      If you are not receiving a living wage, talk to your fellow workers and work out a strategy to collectively pressure the boss to discuss the issue.

8.      If you have contact with a Union seek their support and consider membership.

9.      Try not to buy goods from outfits that don’t pay a living wage and let them know.

10.  Vote for political parties that support the living wage, especially give them your party vote.

Right now CEO’s are receiving 26.4 times the average wage and the average for cleaners for example is so low that CEO’s are earning more like 150 times the average cleaners wage or the minimum wage. So saying we can't afford it simply not true, in fact it's a lie.

So don’t feel guilty about taking some form of action. The Warehouse is worried about the negative effect that wages are having on sales and staff that they are introducing a living wages [of sorts] not because they want to but because of what may happen if they don’t…

Simon Bridges the baby faced Minister of Labour is so concerned about this issue that he refuses to front up and discuss this issue on TV3 and other media, he is a gutless wimp who should be made to clear parliaments toilets…  

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