Saturday, 19 October 2013

Chuang Brown Timing the Key

Cameron Slater a hero or a fool?

Local Government regulations state that ‘If a mayoral candidate resigns before the final count, and if that candidate is leading then the candidate who comes second wins the election.

Now think about that in relation to the revelations made by Cameron Slater about Len Brown and then consider the timing. 

The Len Brown scandal was released before the final count and if Len Brown had resigned then the second place getter John Palino would have been declared the winner.

That I think was the plot, it was well thought out and implemented, no Cameron Slater didn’t do the planning, he simply is too dumb to develop such a strategy, he was as normal simply a willing pawn, he saw scandal and couldn’t resist seeing his name in lights.

The real creator[s] of the plot were without doubt two or three people, the first is a strange fellow named Luigi Wewege a South African / Italian import aged 28. He was an adviser to John Palino along with Slater’s dad John Slater a past National Party President who is well practiced in plots of this nature.

Like John Banks [only smarter] John Palino attempted to stay above the plot while allowing it to proceed.

The plot went something like this: Key goal...

Get some dirt on Len Brown.

Luigi Wewege offers up ex-girl friend Bevan Chuang who he knows is close to Len Brown.

Failed Truth and Herald on Sunday reporter is selected to put together the details and plan for a release of those lurid details between the election night and the issuing of the final figures. He was Stephen Cook who now claims to have naked images of Bevan Chuang that he will make public…hence the reason for calling him a reporter rather than a journalist, he also suggested she make a porn movie…a real deep fellow is our Stephen Cook.

Now they all realised that no respectful news outlet would publish the story so they selected Cameron Slater most likely because [Paul Henry wasn’t available] and other blog sites were too honest to publish such sick material.  

Everything depended on that Len Brown resigned before the final count figures were published. But Len Brown might have been a very naughty boy with a willing Ms Chuang but he’s not dumb and he went to ground until the final count and wrecked their cunning plan.

So now we have the backlash, the fallout that has come back to bite the bums of the strange bunch of National Party and Palino sycophants.  

What gives this version of what occurred some credence is the fact that Palino met with Chuang in a car park late at night [10pm] and according to Chuang where Palino suggested that they had to get Brown before the end of the week? That was when the final result would be confirmed.  

So who are the winners and losers in this sordid and gutter like debacle; The big winner was John Banks he was off the front pages and his fraud case put on the back burner, 

The other individual to win was Cameron Slater whose blog lived up to expectations of being the sleaziest blog site ever.

The biggest looser was the New Zealand political scene: Corrupted by these US Italian style political games. 

Of course Len Brown will suffer, but that was of his own making and he sure does'nt need our sympathy or even empathy, unless of course you have been in his position and if that’s true I would recommend a quick change of behaviour.

Here ends the lesson.     

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