Friday, 18 October 2013

A new honest PM has arisen Yeah Right

The National Party I think would be shocked by the latest poll from Roy Morgan, that shows clearly that Labour, the Greens, and Mana could govern the country, and would win an election should one be held tomorrow:

A new poll records another boost for a future Labour-Greens coalition.
The latest Roy Morgan sees a 1 per cent rise in support for a potential alliance between the two parties.
Support for the Labour party was unchanged (37 per cent) from the last poll a fortnight ago. The Greens rose to 12.5 per cent - up 1 per cent.
National was down slightly - 0.5 per cent - to 41.5 per cent. Its coalition parties were largely unchanged: the Maori Party was on 1.5 per cent (up 0.5 per cent), ACT 0.5 per cent (unchanged) and United Future 0 per cent (down 0.5 per cent).
The last Roy Morgan poll, held in the wake of the election of new Labour leader David Cunliffe, saw that party registering its highest popularity since Helen Clark was prime minister.
Pollster Garry Morgan said a Labour/Greens ticket would win easily if an election were held today.
He said Cunliffe has "re-invigorated" Labour, which sat just 4.5 per cent behind National.
NZ First rose slightly to 5 per cent; the Conservative Party (0.5 per cent) took a 1.5 per cent hit. Mana was unchanged on 0.5 per cent.
Roy Morgan polled 839 voters between September 30 and October 13.
Confidence in the government also fell with 55 per cent (down 4 per cent) saying New Zealand is heading in the right direction, compared to 31 per cent (up 1.5 per cent) who listed the wrong direction.

They [National] are already accepting that they have no support parties to assist them [National] next year. They know that the ACT party as such is dead in the water with Banks awaiting trial for fraud. While Dunne betrayed them by leaking information to Fairfax reporter during the GCSB stuff up. The Maori Party is dying a natural death because of its blind obedience to the National agenda of Asset Sales, beneficiary bashing, and future mining.

Now Key is no slug when it comes to manipulation of the media, he knows the above is true so his strategy will revolve around not needing support parties as such, but he will seek to buy support via other means, not win support via policy adaption, but by buying with cash his support required.

Here is what No Right Turn wrote on his blog:

Prime Minister John Key has indicated he will abandon election-year game-playing such as the Epsom cup of tea stunt, and instead will be more explicit with voters about whether he wants them to vote strategically in some electorates next year.

Asked whether Act leader John Banks could expect another "cup of tea" in election year after being told he must face trial over donations returns from his unsuccessful 2010 Auckland mayoralty campaign, Mr Key said it was too early to say.

He then indicated he intended to abandon such stunts and instead set out a clear position on coalition partners well in advance, including possibly openly endorsing candidates from other parties in some seats.

He said decisions would be made over the next year, but National intended to be clear with voters about its coalition options.

I don't have a problem with parties saying "we want to work with this person", or with them refusing to contest a seat or standing in name only if it advantages them. But I do want them to be open and honest that that is what they are doing, so that voters can judge both the relationship and the tactic. Key's announcement is a positive step towards such honesty and it is good to see.

Key is already being successful when No Right Turn wrote his last paragraph above, for it assumes that Key and National has a desire to be open and honest. 

Key will say and do what ever it takes to win, he has no interest in being open and honest and his record thus far absolutely proves that fact. 

Did he sack John Banks when the police report eighteen months ago said clearly that Banks lied and the only thing stopping him from appearing in front of a judge was the fact that the time for a prosecution had expired. Key never even bothered to read the report...according to him that is...yet other lie.

Did he own up the fact that the Police, GCSB, broke the law, no he did not. 

Did he admit that after have a meal with Sky City boss that he suddenly stopped all the other bids for building a convention centre in Auckland, no he did not. 

John Key wants us all to forget his past dirty tricks, to forget his manipulation, forget that National refused to make changes to the present MMP voting system, ones that would have stopped the buying of support by the National party…they clearly did not support democracy and honesty.

During the press conference and public relations exercise used by No Right Turn above here is what they also wrote: [from the Herald]

The cup of tea incident involving Mr Key and Mr Banks - aimed at sending a message to Epsom voters that Mr Key wanted them to vote for Mr Banks - was one of the defining features of the 2011 campaign, partly because of the fallout after a reporter's voice recorder was found on the table and the contents of the pair's conversation was later leaked.

The cup of tea became a way of signaling voters in an electorate that two parties could work together, but Mr Key's change of stance may indicate it has had its day now voters are more aware of strategic voting. 

Options National will be assessing include whether it can get Mr Banks back into Parliament, whether it should give Conservative Party leader Colin Craig a clear run in a safe National electorate, or whether it can help boost the Conservatives' chances of getting more than 5 per cent of the vote.

Mr Banks resigned as a minister this week after he was committed for trial over donations from SkyCity and Kim Dotcom in the 2010 Auckland mayoral campaign which was declared as anonymous.

So you decide, has Key suddenly found a willingness for honesty, openness and transparency. Or is he responding to the polls of late that suggest he is a goner...

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