Sunday, 12 January 2014

Bankers are they Ponzi Artists or just crooks.

I’ve been searching for sometime to find a simple explanation of the worlds banking system that I could use to demonstrate that the system [with all its public relations variations removed].

One that could show clearly that the banking system is in reality little more than a huge Ponzi scheme, of the type that got Madoff three life sentences, which in itself shows how stupid some people and systems can be. What do the prison authorities in the US do? When Madoff dies do they reincarnate him so that he can serve his second life sentence?

Any way I’ve located a video that does the job. It runs for about nine minutes, yet is concise and easy to follow, and it lays it out in easy understandable steps and thank God it does not introduce you to one economist.

Watch this video and see just how you and I are being ripped off, I know it’s an American video, and there are a few differences in their system to ours, but basically the only difference is that the Americans have sold off their reserve bank. And we must never forget that our Prime Ministers wants’ to take us down the same track. Here in New Zealand we, that is the government on our behalf, pretends to control the banking system, but the reality is that we don’t and as we are borrowing millions each day from overseas bankers, we just pretend to…hence the urgent need for the government to sell off state assets, which in fact makes matters and our dependency on bankers even worse.

NZ's legal Ponzi King. Roger Douglas.

Since Rogernomics hijacked the country back in the eighties and then Ruthanasia, [a special breed of beneficiary bashing] designed by the mother of all budget makers Ruth Richardson was forced on us as a follow up to nutty Sir Roger Douglas, who was knighted by the Nats for his services to the banking system, and he was a Labour Party Minister of Finance who like a rat left the sinking ship and started the ultra right wing racist political corruption called among other things, the Act Party.

The present government was and still is a great fan of Rogernomics and they just love and adore the wealthy separatist American style of life, golfing with Obama for John Key is like dining with God, and Key holds Wall Street to be the ultimate heaven on earth, hence his desire to return to the land of his choice Hawaii and the USA.

The US Bankers and private banks would welcome his return but not until he delivers on his secret promise of a TPP agreement that meets US needs. Oh to be like Key a child of envy. 

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