Thursday, 23 January 2014

Emotional intelligence Quiz...yeah right.

Is the word mightier than the sword or even the brain? Here is firstly an explanation of the strange word behaviour by an odd columnist and then a short quiz.
Liam Hehir, a Key fan.

A very new property lawyer in Palmerston North by the name of Liam Hehir and who happens to be a weekly columnist for the local Fairfax owned paper the Manawatu Standard.

So far his [Hehir] claim to fame is that he created a new so-called public relations word image of our Prime Minister John Key.

No he never referred to or reinvented Key as a financial whiz kid, nor a world class financial manipulator who took over the National Party without any community or National Party membership background nor by winning favour though hard work amongst the membership. Then standing for election as leader, [the national party rank and file have no say in deciding who should be leader] the present PM, did none of those standard things that normally serve as the apprenticeship period or grass-roots political training period for future leaders. Instead he used a new and more effective tool that Hehir calls ‘Emotional intelligence’.

Something that poor old farmer Jim Bolger lacked and one assumes that Bill English, Jenny Shipley, Don Brash all lacked…since unlike Bolger [on the back of Winston Peters who ratted on his supporters] they never won an election.

The word emotional according to the dictionary means: 1. [of people] having feelings which are strong or easily moved: [Women are said to be more emotional than men]. Opposite: unemotional. 2. [Of words, literature, music etc.] Showing strong feelings, able to cause strong feeling: and 3. Emotive: He / she has; emotional difficulties.

The word intelligence means: 1. ability to learn and understand. 2. Information gathered on an enemy country, or a group of people, as practiced by the Central intelligence agency etc.

Note: It is said that humans are more intelligent than animals and that a child with a clever quick mind is intelligent but he can hardly be intellectual.

So does Liam Hehir think that our PM is gifted with the ability to learn and understand? And that he learns by being moved by strong feelings and that he is more emotional than most men. Linking the two words emotional and intelligence leaves a lot of scope in attempting to understand just what was in the mind of the author.

Let’s put the budding columnist’s theory through a short test by taking a closer look at Key’s behaviour:

Emotional: Was Key being emotionally intelligent when he denied knowing Kim Dotcom or when he couldn’t remember ringing and having dinner with his old school mate Ian Fletcher whom he appointed against advice to be head of the GCSB? Yes or no.

Did Key using above average intelligence when he allowed the GCSB, SIS and US spy agencies to break NZ laws in the covert listening and illegal raid on the Dotcom mansion in Keys own electorate and then denied having any knowledge of it before hand? Yes or no.

Did Key use super emotional intelligence when he invited John Banks for a cup of tea in a public place, then order the police to act as if they had that cup of tea in a private place…is that the emotional intelligence Liam Hehir is using as his guide? Yes or no.

Did Key’s willingness to hand over intelligence information to a foreign power, send our troops on illegal actions under command of foreign commanders that directly caused the deaths of our troops, was being ‘emotionally intelligent’ or did it mean that he lacked the ability to read the intelligence reports that he receives weekly? Yes or no.

And every time he answers a question with: “I can remember, or I don’t know which side I was on in 1981, or his too common reply of, “Oh I’m comfortable about that”, that this is emotional intelligence in action? Yes or no.

There is a word that covers the behaviours of John Key and other politicians I might add. That word is ‘cunning’…is using cunning using emotional intelligence or is simply being sly and duplicitous and a good manager of public relations crap. You decide.  

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