Sunday, 19 January 2014


Eavesdroppers’ GCSB insider is back in New Zealand, after his month long holiday protection task with the Prime Minister at his mansion in Hawaii. I had a long and fruitful discussion with him and some of what he told me was most interesting: One of the items he informed me about was a possible early election and I thought it was serious enough to report directly to you so that you could decide on its validity or otherwise:

Here is his report:
Last week I was checking the PM’s home office for bugs, the electronic type, while the PM was having a conversation with the NZ Herald chief political reporter Audrey Young so I listened in…

Audrey Young.
“But Audrey dear, you know you’ll the first to know when we actually decide on a date for an early election, have I ever let you down, you are my favourite reporter”, said John K.

“Cut the smooth talking crap John and just tell me is it true that you intend going to the polls before the Dot Com trial”, muttered dear Audrey Y.

“Look Audrey baby, I just don’t know, it all depends on what, you 'know who' wants, and you don’t argue with him, or he sends a bloody drone and removes the problem.” said Key in rather a child like voice.

“That trial is due in July or August, so it would be before that date”, asked Audrey Y

“That’s right Audrey, your deduction powers are overwhelming if you try hard enough dear”, said Key in his high pitched normal tone.

“Oh, I see you got your wish and that 'left wing' All Black halfback Chris Laidlaw has been chopped from Radio NZ’s Sunday morning show and your secret admirer Wallace Chapman will replace him during this election year, how the hell did you pull that off big daddy”, said dear Audrey Y.

Joan Withers.
“Oh, a dollar here and a dollar there…its not hard when you’ve money to burn, look at what I did for Catherin Isaac, Jenny Shipley, Joan Withers and not forgetting Paula Rebstock, I’m rather good with greedy women don’t you think”, said John K with a hint of pride.

At this point I detected a buzzing sound which indicated that someone was listening in to the PM’s phone. So I hung up and dialed our secret number to trace the intruder and sure enough it was the US arm of the five ears programme. So President Obama would know about his early election plans before his own cabinet…but hey what’s new, but we must hope that no drones are employed because of the well known fact that the US drones never hit the target but instead murder thousands of innocent civilians.

Before going public with this report, I contacted the NZ Herald to confirm that they had published information that a early election was on the cards, their answer was ‘Yes’ and that it came from an insider source via Audrey Young their Chief political reporter.

So it would seem that an early election is on the cards which would indicate that John Key is very worried that [1] He could lose the election if he goes full term or [2] The Kim Dotcom trial could see him being charged for telling untruths, but in his favour he has now got almost total control over the mass media now that, Wallace Chapman, Mike Hoskins, Paul Henry and Jim Mora are all in his pocket…and the covert attempt to remove Campbell Live from TV 3 via Steven Joyce is well underway. TV One is now fully dominated by National Party hacks and can be completely ignored....     

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