Sunday, 15 January 2012

Are 20% wage cuts now the norm?

First we saw it in the Manawatu at Marton with the attempt to cut wages by twenty percent, and now its Auckland’s turn to feel the heat in regard to cutting wage rates. Who is next? The evidence here in Palmerston North is clear, wage rates are being lowered in the Defence sector and other government departments.
If Tony Gibson APA CEO had one ounce of backbone and a belief in the so-called market system, he would instantly resign and allow the Auckland City Council to put his CEO's job up for tender, Tony Gibson is the man who collects $750,000 per year from the rate payers to break the union and slash wages by twenty percent. Naturally he won't resign because he has no more interest in the Ports of Auckland for New Zealanders as he proves by his non-acceptance of a settlement offer from the union. Len Brown should sack him anyway, but that would take actions rather than words, not the stuff Len Brown is made of. I would not be surprised if Tony Gibson has been already been made an offer via the government wheelers and dealers to be the CEO of a privatised port at a larger salary. Key of course is too busy on his three monthly holiday in Hawaii to concern himself with his governments plan to sell off publicly owned assets like the Ports of Auckland. We should never forget that the good hobbits elected him...but Tony Gibson was never elected and can be sacked, the thing is has anyone the guts to do it...Len Brown it would appear has little stomach to be brave.

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