Thursday, 26 January 2012

Chinese buy farms but can we buy theirs?

Chinese Aid Worker 2012 

The government has agreed to sell Crafar Farms to the Chinese. Their reasons for doing so really don’t stand up to scrutiny but what else can we expect from a Government that puts their mates before the rest of NZ.
While every other political party was apposed the Nat’s went ahead with the deal, The Mana Party, The Greens and the New Zealand First spoke out against such a deal. The Labour Party strange as it may sound was apposed to selling to the Chinese but was happy to see a Sir Michael Fay deal go ahead, this was doubly strange when you consider how Michael Fay ripped off the country in a set of dodgy deals via his mates Roger Douglas and co. They brought NZ Rail and sold it off to a crowd who asset stripped it, ran it into the ground only to have the government buy it back, so as to keep a rail service active. It has still not recovered.
Fay / Richwhite, whom combined, also made a massive financial killing via a shady deal over the sale of the BNZ and then ran off overseas to avoid paying tax. It fact at the time they almost bankrupted the country.
Do you remember John Keys campaigning in 2008 and stating that he wouldn’t allow New Zealanders to becomes tenants in their own country”, yeah right! Still our Hobbits elected him so they only have themselves to blame. Just like Mr. Dotcom was required to buy bonds and make donations the Chinese owners are required to run a farm training school and allow public access to a tiny part of their sixteen farms. Unlike Mr. Dotcom they may also be protected from a US raid, the US has already stated that the Chinese don’t do business according to US law. So maybe we should watch this space. But there is one thing key for all his big talk and blog site PR won’t guarantee and that is that we can buy land in China, like they can buy ours, so much for equality.

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