Thursday, 19 January 2012

What can we do...anything is possible

According to the latest news everything is fine, just keep shopping and all your worries will fade away, don’t worry about your wages being cut, or the US invading Iran, or Israel bumping off a few Palestine citizens, or the US jailing people without trials or murdering ones enemies, just keep shopping and using your credit cards and all will be just dandy.
Sell off your state assets to the highest bidder and keep giving bonuses to those who rip you off and all will be fine…at least according to John Key that is. While he gets a sun tan in Hawaii at your expense don’t worry he has your interest at heart. The fact that he attempted to stop a programme on TV 3 about Child Poverty because he thought it would upset his Hobbits…is neither here nor there…
Now if you believe that rubbish you are living on a different planet to me. So what can we do about the crisis happening all around us?
So lets take some action to put things right. Here are some actions you might like to think about taking to help bring about some meaningful change, I know you are only one but others may follow in your footsteps:

·         When ever a politician enters a room you are in or an event you are at…stand up and walkout firstly making sure you tell those around you why you are taking this action.
·         Tell local Government to give contracts only to locally owned NZ contractors who employ union labour via the media etc.
·         Transfer all your bank accounts to Kiwi Bank. Remember that Bill English is making plans to freeze your accounts if any of the private banks get into trouble and go belly-up, so don’t delay.
·         Bring your tent down to the Square and pitch it slap bang in the middle and erect a sign and simply wait and see what happens…others may join you and within a day or two we could have a Occupy Palmerston North.

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