Saturday, 21 January 2012

Kim Dotcom's possible NZ Citizenship goes down the drain

New FBI Agent hands over Crim...
The latest bit of news is the fact that the Nats let into the country [in 2010] a multi millionaire ex con who had been found guilty of insider trading and other financial crimes. Why, was it because he took out ten million dollars in NZ Government bonds and donated to the Christchurch earthquake fund and to Starship hospital…was this Keys answer to poverty in New Zealand and did he donate to the Nats election campaign? Its great what money can do.
But alas the FBI put a bit of pressure on, just as Warner Brothers did over the hobbits, and in a flash NZ handed Kim Dotcom over on a plate. They even used helicopters, but without thank God US Navy Seals to murder all and sundry. So much for the financial friends of John K and Bill E the Nats financial whiz kids.
So now we will be Very -very-very-very good friend of the US. I wonder if that will get us an upgrade to double A plus…what do you reckon Bill.
Strange as it may sound nowhere in the Fairfax item published in the Manawatu Standard did they explain just how Kim Dotcom got into the country, they wrote heaps about flash cars, TV sets etc. Yet they failed to ask the key but simple question "how did this criminal get permission to set up here in NZ…it would seem that they simply published what was given to them via a press release.

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