Thursday, 12 January 2012

Tony Gibson CEO flunks yet again.

If Tony Gibson had one ounce of backbone and a belief in the so-called market system, he would instantly resign and allow the Auckland City Council to put his CEO's job up for tender, but naturally he won't because at heart he has no more interest in the Ports of Auckland for New Zealanders  as he proves by his non-acceptance of a offer from the union. Len Brown should sack him anyway, but that would take actions rather than words, not the stuff Len Brown is made of. I would not be surprised if Tony Gibson has been already been made an offer via the government wheelers and dealers to be the CEO of a privatised port at a larger salary. Key of course is too busy on his three monthly holiday in Hawaii to concern himself with a government plan to sell off publicly owned assets like the Ports of Auckland. We must never forget that the good hobits elected him...but Tony Gibson was never elected and can be sacked, the thing is has anyone the guts to do it... 
This from the CTU 13th Jan 2012 
Port and Government support for privatisation of  Port of Auckland made clearer
The admission today on radio by Ports of Auckland CEO Tony Gibson that he is not opposed to the privatisation of the Port of Auckland regardless of the views of the Mayor and the people of Auckland, completes the puzzle on the reasons why settlement of the Port agreement was not achieved yesterday, CTU President Helen Kelly said.
“When the Port was clear yesterday that the union position tabled at the negotiations would resolve the issues of labour utilisation and would be “big” in terms of costs savings to the Port but that it did not want a settlement of this dispute, many people would have been left wondering why given the risk to the Council owned asset of an escalation of the dispute.”
“Yesterday the Government commissioned its mates on the Productivity Commission to promote privatisation and casualisation of the workforce and now the Government needs a dispute like this to raise doubts in the public mind about the current model if it is to put through legislation. Today we have heard Tony Gibson’s support for that agenda despite working for a Council elected to retain the Port,” said Helen Kelly.
“With the Council now looking like it will have to fight to retain its ownership of the Port, having the Board and CEO working against it is like having a fox in the chicken coup” Helen Kelly said.  “The Government is also wanting to have a go at removing workers rights and the Port are co-operating with that agenda by spreading myths about work practices at the Port and allowing an unnecessary dispute to occur.”
“Workers in New Zealand are already having a hard time getting by week to week.  Increased casualisation and removal of security, pressure on them to accept any terms and conditions in the name of business and the scramble by the already wealthy to strip public assets is the theme of this Government.   The CTU will be providing all the support it can to the Martime union members and the people of Auckland to retain decent working conditions at the Port and the right to retain ownership of the Port in the hands of the citizens,” Helen Kelly said.

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