Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Dumped Mayor John Banks Dines with Dotcom...why?

We don't know Mr. Dotcom...really...truly says latest FBI agent.

Why did National /Act’s lone MP dumped Auckland Mayor John Banks dine at Dotcom’s mansion…This is especially interesting since Dotcom lives in the Prime Ministers electorate and not John Banks.
Was John Banks seeking funding for his doomed party Act, or was he seeking backdoor funding for his real party National, or was he just there for a cup of tea? [Its funny don't you think, how the rich seem to know all the rich crooks]

These are questions that may well be answered sometime in the future, that is so long as the US, FBI, CIA don’t bump off Mr. Dotcom after naming him a 'terrorist at large' and therefore open legally to being assassinated at the pleasure of the US.

Prime Minister [and possible acting FBI Agent] John Key said officials were reviewing the file ''to check that they appropriately applied the rules'' but he had no plans to change the law”. It could be that in many respects this is government double-talk for adding or removing bits of the file that could prove embarrassing.

Key said he had been to the house when it was being built and he was a backbencher. But the first he knew about Dotcom living there was when he was briefed by the Solicitor General the day before last week's raids. Is this believable, Dotcom dines with Banks who then has a cup of tea with Keys where the conversation is recorded, Keys uses the police to shut down discussion about his conversation. Could it be that Dotcom was a part of that conversation?

''To be honest it will be no different to a number of New Zealanders who've had residency in countries overseas, and who've previously had convictions here.'' John Key said to the media…but he never named names, was he talking about some of those who ripped off investors and fled overseas to various tax-havens. And does this mean that because others accept our criminals, we have to accept theirs?

Key said Dotcom had ''fully disclosed his history'' and under German law, because of the clean slate provisions, effectively had a clean record”. This is simply incorrect the clean record only comes after a set period of time and in the case of Mr. Dotcom that time had not been reached.

Without doubt we’ll hear more about this strange take over by the FBI of our justice system as the US spins its web of intrigue on behalf of US corporate big business. Don’t be surprised if we have more Helicopter raids on those the US FBI and CIA consider their enemies.  


Anonymous said...

You are dense, to the point that light would bend around you.

Are you not aware that Banks allegedly met with this Kim Dotcom over a year ago, well before he was involved in ACT?

Are you so bitter and nasty towards key that you would seriously claim he was an FBI agent?

Put the tin foil hat on mate, the Yanks are coming to scan your brain.

Wheeler's Corner NZ said...

Gee I sure struck a nerve with Mr Anonymous,but based on past US performance we should expect some negative reaction if they fail to get their own. We should never forget that the US holds people without charge for years. I'm willing to conceed the Keys may only be a part time agent...

Anonymous said...

Banks was involved with Hulich though wasnt he @ anonymous...Love your work Wheeler..;-)..anonyhousewife