Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Unholy wedding on the rocks...

Why does the Ratana Movement issue an invitation to the National Party for their yearly gathering? The Nats, as we all know, plan to chop the Maori seats; the Nats are in partnership with the death-bed Act Party well known for its racist leadership. Remember what John Banks said about Maori youth in Auckland. They and the Act party don’t even put up candidates in the Maori seats.
I know that Maori are very polite and inclusive and have no desire to offend, but continuing to invite the very people who would remove what political gains Maori have made would seem to be over generous to me. Maori have proven their commitment to New Zealand in two World Wars, Korea, Malaysia and Vietnam and other combat zones. How the Maori Party’s three MP’s can get into bed with the Nats and Act simply is beyond understanding.

Breaking News: Maori Party will [may] walk if John Key’s mob removes Treaty obligations for State asset sales. In a last ditch effort to stitch up its massive fall out in the Maori seats the Maori party needed to make a public relations hit so it could pull out of the ‘Rich boys club’ [National / Act / Dunne] with a hint of pride. Convincing their ever declining membership that they don’t simply represent wealthy Maori…will be made a little easier if they go ahead with their threat to seek a divorce from their unholy marriage. I hope they find the backbone to do so.

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