Sunday, 22 January 2012

"Ugly truth or pretty decide.

Cr. Chris Teo-Sherrell. 

It is said, “That the ugliest truth is still better than the prettiest of lies”
 “Twenty-one thousand dollars for photo-copying”, that is simply hum-bug! Chris Teo-Sherrell has a duty and a right to demand information regarding breaches of the discharge agreement between the PNCC of which he is a councillor and Horizons. To suggest that the cost is twenty one thousand dollars is simply an expensive blunt exercise in shutting down a very damaging episode in our council history.
This kind of heavy handed behaviour was expected from our last dictatorial CEO [Paul Wylie] but in this day and age surely his replacement CEO can to better than follow in Wylie’s shadowy footsteps. At 3 to 5 cents a page it would take hundreds of thousands of pages to equal 21 thousand dollars. Surely the council is not including staff costs, since we pay them regardless. No let’s cut the crap and release the information. Or should some one organise a protest outside the council chamber…pitch a tent or two maybe. It would be interesting to find out which councillors support Chris in his desire to seek the truth and which councillors prefer to hide behind the CEO…I don’t suppose we’ll ever find out for that would mean that some councillors would have to open their mouths…and gosh that would be unusual.

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