Friday, 1 June 2012

Bigger Class sizes for some...says Hekia Parata

This tells the true story. 


Hekia Parata
 Education gone wrong:

When failed electorate national candidate Hekia Parata scraped in on the party list they made her the Minister of Education. They saw her as a rising star, a glamour queen who could at the next election in 2014 take the seat of Mana. Sadly for the Nats that star is on a downward trend. She has failed to grasp the education portfolio and complete a proper learning curve. Instead of learning from the last Minister of Education Anne Tolley who failed completely to sell governments policy to the people because of her one-tract mind. Unfortunately Hekia Parata has followed her down that dictatorial path. She stated that there is nothing wrong with large class sizes…what’s important is the quality of the teachers…teachers with higher qualifications will solve our educational woes…yeah, yeah bleeps sleepy national party back benchers. But:

  • They send their kids to private schools and the private schools all make a key selling point. They say smaller classes are best for learning. Parata says this does not apply in state schools.
  • All around the world experts say smaller classes are vital to good learning, yet
  • Government increased grants to private schools with out demanding changes.

Students in Queen St protest. 
 Any person with an IQ above 10 knows that smaller classes fronted by qualified teachers’ produces better results…statements from all the private schools attests to this. Parents agree as well and teachers and school boards believe this fact. But Hekia Parata says otherwise and simply follows the party line.
While Parata does not look after university education, the Nats PR whiz kid Steven Joyce has that role and he chopped assistance to those seeking Masters or Doctorates, this means that those without family support may have to give up their education. In Auckland it has lead to students taking to the streets. What this means is that if you are rich your kids get university education, if your middle class or poor you don’t. It’s ironic that the person and party changing the law all got their education for free but now days university students leave owing thousands and thousands of dollars that they must pay back. This is doubly ironic when the jobs just aren’t there. Many of these qualified people end up working at food outlets like Burger King and get the minimum wage. Or they head over the ditch. 

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