Sunday, 10 June 2012

ACC Vs Bronwyn Pullar...A SEA OF LIES.

Crusher Collins, is she telling the truth? 

Just like the police investigation of the Banks / Key ‘cup of tea’ tape shut down any honest discussion about its content. We are now all aware that the police takeover of this stupid stuff up led directly to Winston Peters sweeping back into parliament and almost KO’d National. Police found nothing to charge anybody with. So it would appear that police have plenty of time to assist the government shut down political debate.
The ACC use of the same style approach, to the police, in an attempt to shut down the whistle-blower in the ACC privacy fiasco, Bronwyn Pullar. This led directly to the public broadcast of the tape by TV 3 on Sunday June the 10th 2012. The programme clearly wrecked any creditably that ACC and its Minister Judith [Crusher] Collins [pictured] still had.

This tape was a recording of an interview between Bronwyn Pullar and her support person and two ACC senior managers. It was on the basis of this meeting that ACC bosses ran off to the police pleading blackmail by Bronwyn to get a better deal. The police investigated and found nothing on which to base any charges.

The fact is: That ACC has been ordered to cut costs and to do that they decided to get tough on its claimants and particularly long term claimants, but alas Bronwyn Pullar had the guts and the money and decided to fight back and the then crap hit the fan.

Nick Smith, is he or Key telling the truth? 

The Prime Minister has sided with ACC and has questioned Bronwyn Pullar honesty in relation to her accident back in 2002, this is absolutely disgusting and he should be deeply ashamed of himself. This whole episode proves the stupidity of the governments publicly stated fact that ACC was insolvent…that was just tripe as the books show and ACC accounts prove… and government knows it. The whole concept of selling off parts of ACC seems to have been put on the back burner and John Key is back peddling at a rapid rate, because as he knows full well, as do we all, that the present system is better, fairer and cheaper than anything private enterprise can put forward. So far this debacle has cost one cabinet minister [Nick Smith] his job because of a letter he wrote that directly contradicts Key’s disgusting claim. Who is lying Key or Smith, the tape proves that its unlikely to be Smith, you decide.

The Chairman of the ACC John Judge should be dumped forthwith and the Minister should also be dumped along with him. The question is will they have the guts to take positive action and at least restore some trust to ACC? Time will tell…I didn't have long to wait...

Business Guru: Paula Rebstock first welfare now ACC. 
 BREAKING NEWS: John Judge the ACC chairperson has just resigned...according to Judith Collins he wasn't sacked but resigned, yeah-yeah! and guess who has replaced him before his seat gets cold...yeah you are right...Paula Rebstock the governments favourite and massively over paid consultant.

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