Thursday, 14 June 2012

Do lawyers tell decide

Should she resign? that is the question. 

Who is lying? Or to be nice, fibbing or simply being forgetful…ACC Minister Judith Crusher Collins said in Parliament that she didn’t did talk to the ACC Board Chairman [now sacked] before he lodged a complaint to the police. She said that the complaint about Bronwyn Pullar was made in the morning and she was informed in the afternoon. But the police records tell a different story, they say that the ACC contacted them on the morning of the 13th but that a complaint wasn’t laid until six days later. And Judith Collins was known to have had contact with John Judge within those six days. It really stretches ones imagination to think they didn’t discuss this issue [The complaint]. The issue was so serious that it made headlines in the main stream media. It meant that the Chairman was sacked; the CEO gave up his 500 thousand dollar salary and resigned after only eight months in the job and only giving three days notice. A further two other board members got the chop, one of those was Rob Campbell who once taught at Massey and earlier this year played a key role in the Auckland Port Companies year long attempt to fully contract out the ports operations.
We should be able to trust what our cabinet ministers tell us, Judith Collins, who is a lawyer has swatted off, or failed to answer, or can’t recall, or has forgotten, every time she has been asked a simple question. Any minister with a recall as bad as hers should resign on health grounds. Her behaviour is simply not on and she should go. When John Banks was caught out doing the same thing, he wasn’t replaced all he has done is to stay away from parliament. If you or I stayed away from our job would we expect to get paid…I think not.

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