Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Where are these politicans...PART TWO

Where have all politicians gone Part two…well some of them anyway…

Parliament today [Wednesday the 20th of June 2012] continued the debate on the committee stages of the Mixed Ownership Bill, better known as the selling off of State assets, or the family silver.

Some parties continued to hide and not bother to appear and represent their members the Act Party, United Future Party and the Maori Party, continued to stay away from the debating chamber. I’m not sure where Peter Dunne [UF] John Banks [AP] and Pita Sharples, Tariana Turia and Te Ururoa Flavell [MP] were but they were not in the chamber, that’s for sure.

It was suggested that Peter Dunne was hiding at home with all his doors locked watching the debate on TV. If he was he would have heard just what people were saying about his behaviour. Some MPs thought they should rename the Mixed Ownership Bill, The Peter Dunne Treason Bill, others had even stronger views, most of them were ruled out of order.

John Banks no doubt was hiding under a hedge, or bridge or bed somewhere...

It was suggested that the Maori Party be renamed, 'The Ghost Party' because their seats have remained empty for the entire debate, yet their votes supported the National Party in every closure motion and clause by clause vote. Yet they were not present other than as ghosts from some distant past age.

He was present: Hone Harawira, for Mana. 

Still one Maori stood up in the house and spoke for his electorate and that person was Hone Harawira, in a moving and forceful manner he spoke about water rights, Treaty of Waitangi rights that have been cast aside by the government in its mad desire to please it wealthy friends. He also talked about the future price rises that must come once the power companies have been privatised. And he voted against every clause and part of the bill…so he put his vote where it could do the most good. But most importantly he represented the people of Te Tai Tokerau and the Mana Movement, he was a leader and not a ghost, he was alive not dead.

Whereas: the Maori party ghosts even voted for the clause that diluted the Treaty of Waitangi, which in turn means that the Treaty will only apply to the so-called 51% owned by the government, which means that the Treaty will not apply to our energy companies at all. They sold out your assets, lock-stock and barrel.

There is still hope for the 'Save our Assets' petition sweeping the nation sponsored by the Greens, Mana, Labour, New Zealand First, has they tell me has reached 250.000. So if you have not signed yet do so…together we can stop the rot, stop the crooked future deals that will wreck our asset base…  

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