Thursday, 7 June 2012

Steven Joyce stumbles yet again.

PR Failure whiz kid Steven Joyce...fails again.

The government is running scared, it fears that the back-lash of the stupid increase of class sizes will grow like a cancer and damage its possible future. It simply hates an alert and aware population. So-called strategy and PR king Steven Joyce has yet again failed to grasp the reality of the real world. Key is planning to bring forward its Asset sales legislation and take it through the legislative process under urgency. Over eighty percent of New Zealanders are opposed to the sale of State Assets. The Government possible realises that this may be its last term in office, or that pressure will grow to the extent that an early election may be required. With its support parties in disarray and particularly the ACT party that’s awaiting to find if John Banks may be required to step down because of his possible misuse of the donation process.
The sale of [49%] of state-owned power companies Mighty River Power, Meridian, Solid Energy and Genesis, along with Air New Zealand is a key plank in its so-called plans to balance the books. Right at this moment a nation wide referendum campaign is underway to get enough signatures [350.000] to force a referendum, this referendum is being strongly supported by Labour, the Greens, Mana, New Zealand first and the Maori party. Peter Dunne is under huge pressure from his electorate to support the referendum while the John Banks is still hiding behind his lawyers.
So Steven Joyce and his corporate backers have to get the legislation through before the referendum closure date, so introducing the bill under urgency has become urgent if they are to avoid looking stupid as they did over their failed education policy changes that they have now wiped.
So maybe we should get the School Kids and Teachers to assist with the campaign because it would seem that the government is dead scared of any kind of mass movement. This is natural because normal they simply buy off the opposition, for example the Sky City Pokie machine swap for a so-call convention centre. If you have not signed the referendum please do so.
This is a dangerous time for democracy, secret deals with Sky City, Mediaworks, The Hobbits, The taxing of Paper Boys and Girls, the elderly care industry and the politicalisation of our Justice System and the ever growing gap between the rich and the poor are signs for all to see. Using united and collective action we can fight back and stop the rot.

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