Friday, 1 June 2012

Care Workers...humans or slaves, you decide.

Aged Care gone wrong:

Care Givers are amongst the most important groups in our communities…they do a wonderful job helping our ever growing numbers of elderly…they are the unsung heroes of our very profitable private care industry, and we feel for them…yeah, yeah shouts the same mob of national back benchers. I’m not sure if they mean the care givers or the private overseas companies,

  • Is there a Care Giver amongst the 2012 Queens Birthday honours? Was one of them knighted?
  • When did care givers last get a pay rise and how much was that pay rise?
  • The DHBs received the money for wage increases and handed it on to the private providers, why didn’t it get paid to the care givers in full?
  • Is this theft?

The French Government has just announced that the top French public officials, for example CEOs and Heads of Departments will now be paid at a rate of 19 times what the person at the bottom gets. This means pay cuts of up to 50% for some of those at the top. Just imagine if we did the same here in NZ. If we did the same we wouldn’t have take two hundred and fifty dollars off paper boys and girls per year. That sort of action would take some courage and this government has over the past couple of years down the exact opposite, so don’t hold your breath.

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