Thursday, 8 March 2012

When Retreat isn't Retreat...According to Smirky.

NZ Defence in full Retreat. 

The word ‘retreat’ is not a word that military people use a lot; in fact they generally replace it with ‘Tactical withdrawal’ or repositioning of defence structures or anything other than retreat.

The political bosses of the military right now are in full retreat over their idiotic plans to slash spending on key elements of our defence forces.

Firstly the actual soldiers, sailors and airmen who man our frontline forces don’t get a say in the so-called policy decisions made by the Minister of Defence and his boss Smirky the PM. So they played no part in deciding to Civillianise [Is there such a word] 500 plus positions in the defence forces.

This ding-a-ling stupidity was a Public Relations stunt to reduce wages by taking people out of uniform and cutting their wages by up to a third as well as removing the need to house or fit them out thereby saving even more money.

Well those service men and women still brave enough to remain in the forces saw the light and realised that they were already being poorly paid, in many cases just above the minimum wage and that their bosses were also simply and blindly following US military policy rather than a New Zealand driven strategic defence plan, rightly decided to depart the scene. In fact 900 decided to walk away in the last eighteen months.

In fact the situation is so bad that the defence forces are recruiting flat out in the UK to replace the skills drain now taking place. This at a time when we have 165,000 unemployed!

Where the US goes...We go. 

The latest news from the egg-heads in Defence is that they will have to drop the ‘Civilianisation’ programme because it has totally backfired and that they are now in full chaotic retreat…even while Smirky is running around the country telling anyone who will listen how he loves our fighting men and woman as they carry out international crimes against humanity on behalf of the US as it fights its illegal war on terrorism all around the world.

Whereas the clear evidence is he doesn’t give a hoot based on his desire to reduce wages and conditions for the very people who are putting their lives at risk so as to, not defeat terrorism, [The US has decided that that war will never end] but to gain a so-call free trade deal with the US. We should all be ashamed of his smirky and creepy un-NZ behaviour.  

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