Monday, 5 March 2012

Can you name the mayor and other thoughts...

The Mayor of Palmerston North [do you know his name?] says that he is in favour of cleaning up our river, and it would now seem the Nat’s too have decided that they too favour this course of action. It’s good political rhetoric to be in favour of cleaning up rivers especially after Smirky tried to tell the world that our clean green image was 100% and the best in the world. We all know that a BBC programme proved the stupidity of Smirky’s idiotic bluff and he had to back peddle at a rapid rate. Now it would appear that our Mayor [have you thought what his name is yet?] has fallen into the same hole that Smirky did because while he supports, in theory at least, cleaning up the river he keeps pumping crap into it. By now most thinking people accept that doing is more meaningful than talking but I’m wondering when our mostly unknown local politicians are actually going to collectively tell the truth about the state of our river and what they have been pumping into it. But don’t hold your breath because councillors are not very talkative. [Have you thought of the name of our mayor yet…you have! Great now can you name five councillors?

Speaking of Mayor’s, well an ex-mayor in this case, I see that McKelvie asked a patsy question in parliament the other day. It would appear that his major role in Parliament representing the good folk of Rangitikei is to be one of the many droopy back-benchers that Ministers instruct to ask them good news questions.

This role is well suited to Mr. McKelvie because it is generally accepted that the patsy questions are actually written by the minister and require no input from the questioner other than to mouth the words at the right time.

And for that the MP works three days a week, gets free travel and every three weeks gets a couple of weeks holiday at home, goes fishing, plays golf or on the odd occasion feeds the cows.   
This is the guy who is selling out the MDC to the PNCC so as to get the funds to keep the Manfeild Park trust in money by pretending they are a charitable trust, still what is new they’ve been doing it for years in conjunction with the PNCC.

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