Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Found: An active Councillor...

SPECIAL REPORT; A Real Man of the people…

Palmerston North is more than wind turbines. 

On the 6th of March 2010 something remarkable and new took place in our city of Palmerston North.
A city councillor really got off his bum, did some serious thinking, designed a suggested transport plan, talked to those involved and then had the fortitude to stand up and present a case for serious deliberation.
He wasn’t simply going with flow, or presenting himself as figure head for one group only, he didn’t simply appear as a enthusiast of the poor and he stated clearly both sides of a discussion we all need to have.

At his 12.15 [lunch] session 35 to forty citizens listened and then shared their views with him as he sought to educate both himself and those around him.

His later session at 5.15 where 40 to 45 were present and were treated to the same honest presentation which was free of public relations B/S. There was a further session to start at 7.15. [I could not be present] All these sessions were held at our wonderful library in the heart of our city.

This councillor who got off his backside posed these questions…
  • Want to save thousands of dollars a year?
  • Want to maintain your independence even when you don't want to drive anymore?
  • Want to reduce the time you spend ferrying kids about?
  • Want your children to grow up independent and able to get themselves about?
  • Want safer roads?
  • Want a more socially connected community?
  • Want to decrease our greenhouse gas emissions?
  • Want PN to become a more sustainable city?

Chris Teo-Sherrell

This proactive city councillor was Councillor Chris Teo-Sherrell the very person who the editor of the Manawatu Standard once called a terrorist [and the paper suggested I was his little helper?].
Where were the other councillor’s hiding? I did notice a couple of them at the session I attended [Baty & Utikere]… But where were the others? There will be more on this issue in later editions.

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