Sunday, 4 March 2012

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly...Is God the blame?

Summer is now over [if it ever arrived] and if you saw the sun you were lucky. It seems that rain, wind and storms are the norm now days. Who can we blame for this change of weather patterns, it can’t be climate change brought on by man, at least according to the corporates who own the world’s oil and mining operations and fund our very vocal climate change deniers. So it must be Gods work and not the combined efforts of the financial whiz kids that abound. Surely God is not as greedy as are our corporate owners.
It’s funny in so many respects how we thank God for the good aspects of life but fail to recognise that he also must be responsible for the negative happenings as well.
Was he the blame for the Christchurch earthquake that killed 129 people? Even our own PM who has stated publicly that he doesn’t believe in God and has a Jewish background, thanked ‘God’ for those who survived the disaster that was Christchurch at his latest address to the crowds at the anniversary of the earthquake.

On each day Parliament sits the speaker [God bless him] reads a prayer to God seeking guidance and saying that each member will put aside his private interest…the question is do they put aside private interests? The evidence based on the number of MP’s sacked or caught out telling fibs would cast doubt on the ‘private interest bit’. Surely the good and bad that they do is the work of the very same God. Who knows I don’t.

What about the guilty findings against; the directors of Lombard Finance Group because of their lack of diligence that saw clients lose 120 million dollars, when the company built on Ponzi sand collapsed on a sweeping tide of greed and creative accounting, approved by the powers that be.

Was that also the fault of God, if so what was the lesson we were meant to learn. Remember the biblical tale of when Jesus entered the temple and tossed all the money lenders out…according to that story of wrath and damnation on the greedy and corrupt financial whiz kids of the day Jesus made a big hit by that action.

Just imagine if that was to happen now days outfits like Merrill Lynch and the many other stomach worms that make up our corrupt money sector would find themselves out on the street begging for state handouts…come to think about it, isn’t that just what they are doing these days by the receipt of bale outs from the Smirky’s [Key] of this world. Clearly South Canterbury Finance was our very own corrupt example, it cost us around a billion dollars.

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