Wednesday, 21 March 2012

90 day rule...for some that is...

Smirky has just been informed that
under the 90 day rule he has lost his job...yeah right. 

The 90 day law does not apply to politicians: Did you know that Smirky our PM never attends Parliament on Thursdays, he in fact starts on a Tuesday and ends on Wednesday, every other MP is expended to attend...but they are not multi-millionaires so stiff cheese. The story of the 90 day rip-off is now starting to wreck the possible future careers on heaps of our young this...

Hi, Peter
Here's the piece I telephoned you about...
New Zealanders who desperately seek work - while unfortunately being called lazy - have been finding that the new “90 Day Law” can be a horrendous trap. It allows employers to “try out” employees, and is an example of misplaced political genius. After nearly three months workers can be “let go” go” without explanation. The law was supposed to motivate employers to use NZ natives (!) rather than give the work to overseas labour. But now our workers are experiencing demoralizing exploitation - and discovering they’re even less employable (if that’s possible) when unable to explain their dismissal.
How would you feel if you were a young New Zealander- and employment offices kept no statistics? At least you might be consoled knowing that your situation was the result of employer greed rather than your inadequacies! But then, how desperate would you become when you realized that having this unexplained event on your c.v. would make you unemployable - perhaps forever?
This scenario is based almost completely upon a circumstance I witnessed played out in the past months. It is now essential that a call for action to be undertaken in Parliament to repeal of the 90 Day Law so that further harm will not be done to our most vulnerable - our unemployed New Zealanders. Accompanying the repeal, revisions of procedures must be initiated to involve the Employment Courts in providing compensation for employees who suffered exploitation consequent to the implementation of the 90 Day Law.
If the 90 Day Law is not repealed (and if there is no action taken to bring justice to those whose lives have suffered because of its imposition), who knows what amount of harm will accrue?
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Contact: Gordon McShean, 242A Tremaine Ave., Palmerston North 4412, Ph. 06) 354 6416

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