Sunday, 11 March 2012

Industrial Action aplenty in land of milk and honey...

5000 protest in Auckland

It seems as if the community around us is being torn asunder by employers who are demanding their employees take lower wages while the employers increase their profit margins and CEO salaries.

Our wonderful Care Givers are being paid just slightly above the minimum wage $13.50 per hour and the Nats are even planning to lower young peoples wages even lower by reintroducing youth rates under their rip-off deal with ex-Nats Minister of Police and Acts sole MP John Banks.

Meat Workers have been locked out because they won’t accept lower wages and changed working conditions. Port workers have been sacked in mass because they refuse to accept less pay and conditions…

how would you like it if your boss told you that from now on you’ll work only when the boss gives you a call at anytime during the day or night…and if he doesn’t call then you get no pay…how would you feel if you lost your sickness pay, your annual holiday and public holidays because they’ve made you a contractor rather than an employee. How would you pay the mortgage, the powerbill or your rates bill if these rules applied to you?

Of course you may say that it will never happen to you…yeah right. Tell that to the Telecom call centre staff, to the Telecom service staff…to Post Office staff and to the thousands of casual staff picked up by labour supply contractors that now exist in our own city.

Change Artist Peter Dunne [over] 

Did Defence staff expect to be laid off in mass…but it is happening now. And it will continue so long as we have MP’s like Peter Dunne [a political change artist second to none] and John Banks [who wears a Nats logo tattooed on his backside] backing this new style National Party employment policy imported directly from the US. It can happen to you if you sit idle on the side lines and pretend that you are exempt from the greedy hands of those who would continue to turn this country of ours into a below the poverty line low waged economy.

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