Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The Whale / Snake has died at last

Slater...Whale Oil...would you buy a used car from this guy.

They call his blog Whale [Snake]-Oil and it’s a most suitable name…The Author is one Mr. Slater once again a most suitable name…
He is right-wing and a great fan of Smirky Keys, the man who made his millions from ripping-off the greedy financial markets that have now collapsed all around the world.  

Slater greatly enjoys writing about people’s families and the ills that sometimes befall them. He plays with truth as he spins his political bull-sh.., he simply drips envy and greed.

Depression is a part of his scene, self-inflicted and expanded it reaches into his style of blog…some would call it hate speech while others would call it simply a lack of intelligence and ability.

But overall he has a role to play and that is as evidence of how low one can go in the world of blogging. No other blogger has reached his standard of low life, he has been tried and convicted before and still not learned the lesson.

Normally that behaviour normally goes away on reaching adulthood, but alas sometimes it lingers on into middle age and even longer.

It might be best to simply imagine Mr. Slater as a aged snake charmer playing his flute as he sits in front of his snake basket and hopes the snake his only friend will arise…sadly his snake has died and Mr. Slater is unaware of that fact, for he has lost his sense of smell…the only smell that surrounds our Mr. Slater is deeply embedded in his mind, in his ego…in his stupidity. Its rank and vile because his pet snake has been dead for some years now but he thinks it's still asleep.

With his last blog Mr. Slater better know as Snake oil is now dead and the stench will be blown away in the wind as will his memory.   

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