Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Shearer Vs Key...Shearer by a nose...

Drifter David Shearer. 

Last Thursday we had two political speeches, the first from David Shearer [Drifter] and later that same day from John Key [Smirky]. Both speeches could have a direct effect on our region to a lesser or greater degree.

Firstly lets look at what Shearer [Drifter] had to say… well he actually said very little, but it will have an effect because it would appear that the first five thousand dollars earned becoming tax free has gone, like wise GST on fruit and vegetables will remain. Since Palmerston North has a majority of citizens on fixed incomes or lower than average rates of pay there must be a growing feeling of despair that Labour as represented by Drifter Shearer is no longer a party for the 99%. It would seem that the Greens and Mana are filling that ever expanding vacuum left over from the last twenty years or so and by the destruction and havoc splashed about by Roger Douglas and his bunch of cronies, who left Labour and created the ACT party and later the mayhem by Nationals Ruth R who gave us the Mother of all budgets.
In fact after listening to Drifter I got the feeling that maybe he has no idea just where the labour Party is going. I think he has yet to learn that you have to know where you wish to go so that you’ll know when you get there. In many respects he is like the Palmerston North railway station…an effigy and monument of a failed system looking for a role in life. Lets all hope that he finds some real directions soon and changes from being a drifter into a driver.
That brings us to Smirky Key, who really had little to say because it all had been drip-fed over the week before he finally took to the stage. The promise of a strong public service was swept aside with a quick smirk, three thousand already gone and a further few thousand over the next year or so. Palmerston is full of public servants of one sort or another, the military, education / learning / student sectors takes up a huge number of our working population. These groups have little room for optimism about the future. Smirky said nothing about the courts findings over his attempted sale of our farms to China, or the huge majority against selling off of State Assets. Smirky still hasn’t accepted that we own them. Whereas he did once… in fact he thought that selling assets we own, to use his words, “was dumb and stupid and wasn’t a part of his agenda”…yeah right.

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