Saturday, 10 March 2012

The Dotcom Saga...A new Peter Jackson movie...

Brave Kiwi SIS agent shows pensioner how to
defend herself against evil Mr. Dotcom. 

The Dotcom Saga

The Bourne Supremacy movie hit the small screen on Saturday night via TV3. There were car chases and murders aplenty. They [the enemy] were bumped off, in Paris, London, India and Russia. It was never explained just why they were all murdered other than some hints about someone ripping off the CIA / US of millions of dollars.

The lead actor was as you may know was Matt Damon whose role was that of a highly trained US CIA assassin whose job it was to bump off enemies of the state…anywhere in the world when required. He is slim and trim and can climb up drain pipes, leap from moving trains, drive like a rally driver, and is a dead-eyed dick with a high powered rifle…etc.

I been informed that the next Damon action movie is going to be about how the FBI, NZ police and SIS successfully captured the worlds biggest website rip-off artist, the nasty German entrepreneur Mr. Dotcom who smuggled himself into New Zealand via his private jet piloted by two beautiful woman loaned to him by the Israeli secret service using stolen NZ passports. He even got formal consent from the FBI who always works hand-in-glove with Israeli illegal passport teams. He was so successful that he even brought ten million dollars worth of NZ Government bonds secretly without the governments knowledge..

The hero of this dramatic episode in NZ’s international effort to help the US stamp out mega uploading by companies other than YouTube, Google and a half a dozen other US owned mega-up loaders is firstly Matt Damon who plays the role of an FBI agent attached to our SIS/Police SWAT squad. The NZ hero is a young woman SIS agent who all on her own, flies a helicopter on to the lawn of the villains hideaway in the PMs electorate in Auckland while her boy friend, a young handsome police constable, who just happens to be the local chairperson of the young Nats in Auckland, leads a squad of armed police larger than that which captured the town of Ruatoki in the Urewera ranges some six or seven years ago. It is hoped that Lucy Lawless will play the leading role.

It has been reliably reported that Sir Peter Jackson [of Hobbits fame] will direct the movie and that John Key the PM will enact a new law so that real live Israeli actors can play specific key roles, I’ve also been informed that the three Israeli involved are the same three agents that were arrested for stealing passports here in NZ and were convicted and returned to Israel where they were promoted and given medals.

The NZ PM has also agreed that all local actors working on the film will be treated as individual contractors, and that the government will donate three million dollars via special funding etc.

The date of the release of the Film will depend on Mr. Dotcom being convicted of the many crimes he has been charged with. The various US legal authorities have assured the PM that Mr. Dotcom will be convicted and that the trial is merely a formality and that in the rare event that he is not found guilty that they will keep him in prison for his own protection.

It was not confirmed that Steven Joyce will play the NZ Police Commissioner as it would appear that Judith Collins and Paula Bennett are also vying for the role…

The film is due for release in late 2012.

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