Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Barack Obama meets John Key in South Korea

An eavesdropper special…

“Nice to see you again”, said BO
“Thank you kind sir”, answered JK
“There is no need to call me sir” said BO as he tapped JK on the head.
“Oh but I want to, your a fine chap”, whispered JK.
“Well if you really want to I suppose I can’t stop you”, said BO as he adjusted JK’s tie.
“So what’s new sir”, said JK nodding his head.
“Well I was most surprised to see you here, I was really only joking when I invited you”, said BO.
“Really, you were only joking, you mean NZ spent all this money getting me and my twenty person security team, ten advisers, eight public relations experts here… and you were joking”, whimpered JK.
“Yes I’m sorry about that but I didn’t think you’d take it seriously after all New Zealand has no nuclear industry so why would you be interested in protecting something you haven’t got from a terrorist attack you haven’t even got terrorists”, said BO thinking this guy is a bit slow.
“Oh your wrong there sir, we have terrorists who just love to toss petrol bombs at trees and who are planning to take over the country”, said JK with some eagerness.
“Really, you have a CIA group operating in New Zealand I didn’t know that, they never tell me what they are doing these days”, said BO showing a little interest now.
“No sir, not the CIA, a bunch of natives wanting independence and if they can’t get it democratically they plan to take over by force”, muttered JK while looking at his shoes.
 “Gosh, I never knew that, do you need our help, our military maybe, a couple of thousand Navy Seals, they are really good at knocking off enemies of the State”, said BO adding “and about how many terrorist have you got in New Zeeland”.
Well we had seventeen, then we had thirteen, but now it’s four” uttered JK still looking at his shoes.
“And they are natives”, inquired BO.
“Well two are, the other two are Swiss and German”, said JK meekly.
“The German isn’t that Dotcom guy that we’ve ordered you to handover to us so we can protect Microsoft and other US small businesses from his greedy fingers”, asked BO.
“Oh no, he lives in my electorate and beside that fact he’s too rich to be a terrorist”, said JK smiling [some would say smirking].
At this point my tape recorder was forcibly switched off by one of the PM’s security policemen, who informed me that the conversation between JK and BO was a private conversation and that I couldn’t publish it…if I did I would be arrested and after three years I might get a trial…so that’s it folks…   

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