Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Campbell Live reveals psychopathic leader

Obama, key and Holder dance to the same tune.

Earlier in a blog I wrote these words:

"John handed Nathan a tissue to wipe the tears from his cheeks, and then he said, “This is bigger than just you Nathan, its for Queen and country, Obama and freedom, for Fonterra, Hollywood, Sir Peter Jackson, for 100% clean and green, the GCSB, Sky City Casino, Ian Fletcher and his many relations but mostly its for me, the worlds most important leader. Resigning is the right thing to do”, said flasher Key as he adjusted his tie".

Tonight on Campbell Live John Key New Zealand’s Prime Minister proved me correct by demonstrating fully his absolute belief in his own psychopathic presentation of his stance on the GCSB bill now before Parliament. He stated:

“I’m right and everyone else is wrong”,

For weeks as I’ve pointed out the Prime Minister has been hiding from any intelligent debate on the increased powers that he is giving the GCSB. TV 3 had offered him multiple occasions to appear and answer his critics and he has always been too busy to front-up, especially if any of his high profile critics were to appear on the same show.

But John Campbell is a tiger and continues to be the only public good TV interviewer who will snap at the heels of the hiding PM to get the answers.

This week Campbell live has been and still is touring the country from the North and South seeking the opinions of the public on what they think of the PM’s desire to increase massively the powers of the GCSB. This brilliant strategy has stirred the Prime Ministers backroom PR team into action and they without doubt this afternoon practiced him in how to counteract the overwhelming ground swell sweeping the nation on this absolutely vital issue: His team wrote a one line answer for the PM to mouth and it was a simple one [chances are he wouldn’t remember a difficult one] and it was:

“I’m right and everyone else is wrong”.

And it was a horrifying and creepy reminder of the absolute God complex that Key now radiates every time he opens his mouth. “I’m right and everyone else is wrong”. It’s the kind of thing uttered by children throwing a tantrum, or a Roman Emperor like Nero, or a dictator like Mussolini, but this big head is our God damn Prime Minister. Seriously folks John Key makes Richard Nixon look intelligent.

This is the strange fellow running our intelligence services and sharing their knowledge with the USA. Bomber writing on his Daily Blog site wrote and I quote:

“Key kept insisting that what the GCSB would be doing was legal, but it’s only going to legal because he’s about to make it legal!
Key then claimed that John Campbell was frightening people and that all Campbell did was spread lies and misinformation.
When Campbell challenged Key on this by pointing out that he had invited Key onto the show many times, Key claimed that he was too busy. That’s right, the Prime Minister doesn’t have enough time to be on Campbell Live to justify GCSB mass surveillance, but he does have time to be on MoreFM to announce terrorists”.  Nothing Key said tonight alleviated any fear I have regarding the civil liberty threats this legislation poses, watching Key’s slick pathological defense of it was the truly terrifying part.

Now I agree completely with Bombers stated view, the PM is taking us down a track that NZ has never walked before...a path toward a police state...others in other countries have gone down that path and never recovered I can only hope that we can bring some sence to our once proud nation.

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