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Dunne Vance time line and Steve Braunias

Andrea / Dunne time line:

Dr. Richard Swainson wrote these words [Manawatu Standard Sat Aug 3rd 2013] and I quote:
“The unlawful spying on New Zealanders by a secret agency bares at least surface comparisons to the Gestapo or the Stasi, still more so when the exposure of said activity leads not to shame or apology, but to brazen attempt to indemnify the criminals”, quote ends. 

The GCSB knew they were breaking the law when they spied on Kim Dotcom, and when they spied on 88 other New Zealand citizens. They were found guilty by the courts, but have they been punished, no, because to punish them, then all involved would need to be punished.

And the list would be long, it would start at the top and work its way down. And that would expose key players and I can assure you that these key players will do all in their power to avoid that exposure. The will tell half truths, lies even, to avoid taking responsibility for what are, no matter how one looks at it, crimes against individuals and equally importantly, the state.

They will blame others and look for scapegoats, and they will change the law to make their illegal behaviour and actions legal. Richard Nixon cried out, I am an honest man, but no one believed him, why, because he wasn’t…he was a liar of the highest order.

But if the matter wasn’t so serious it would be laughable, but alas this is the way of Kiwi Hobbits, they seem to believe that if you’ve nothing to hide you’ve nothing to fear, that of course is simply crap and is about as intelligent as cutting off a leg to fix an ingrown toe nail…

Steve Braunias’s brilliant column [The secret diary of…John Key] would once have published in the Manawatu Standard but sadly it was pulled; who ever it was who pulled it, must have been related to the idiot who cut off his leg to fix his ingrown toe nail. It is now published in the Sunday Star-Times.

If you would like to read this absolutely wonderful column go to:

One of John Key's top advisers knew that emails between a journalist and politician were sent to the so-called Henry inquiry - but did not tell the prime minister for a month. This Top adviser was Wayne Eagleson the Prime Ministers Chief of Staff… who does nothing, and I mean nothing… without being instructed by the PM.


April 5: Inquiry terms of reference released.

April 19: I email SPSs asking for ministers and SPSs to co-operate with the inquiry.

May 8 or 9: Ministerial Services; advises me that Parliamentary Service requires the necessary approvals before meeting the inquiry's request for information on ministers.

May 9: After a phone conversation with [Parliamentary Service general manager) Geoff Thorn, I send him an email in effect authorising the release of material. My email and telephone conversation related solely to ministers and their staff. At no time then or subsequently did I either raise the matter of Ms Vance's phone records, or be asked by Geoff Thorn for a view on whether they should be released.

May 21: Geoff Thorn calls me. He says that subsequent to the earlier information being provided to the inquiry team, Mr Henry has now asked to see the content of emails for one minister (Mr Dunne) and for a number of staff. I give immediate approval for the staff emails to be provided to the inquiry, and say that if the ministers involved were National MPs, I would authorise that as well. I indicate to Mr Thorn that I am uncomfortable authorising the release of the content of Mr Dunne's emails as he is a support party minister. I ask for time to consider the matter. Mr Thorn follows up with an email setting out the request (attached). He also indicates to me that as he would be overseas for the coming days there would be an acting GM.

May 22: I ring Mr Dunne's office and outline the situation. I say that I am not prepared to authorise the release of his emails, and his office responds they will put the request to Mr Dunne. His office rings me back, to say that for privacy reasons Mr Dunne is not prepared to give approval for the release of his emails but is happy to meet with Mr Henry to discuss the emails and related matters. I call the acting GM of Parliamentary Service and tell him that Parliamentary Service cannot release the emails without Mr Dunne's permission, and that a likely alternative is Mr Dunne meeting with Mr Henry. The acting GM of Parliamentary Service says he will discuss with Mr Dunne's office.

May 23: Acting GM of Parliamentary Service sends me a brief email saying he has spoken with Mr Dunne's office, and that "spoke with Rob all ok". I respond thanking the acting GM of Parliamentary Service for that (attached).

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