Thursday, 8 August 2013

PM Continues to hide, Finlayson cardboard copy

Finlayson Eric Holders Mate and PM's Fall Guy. 

Is this man brilliant or what?

So our hero who has made a habit of running away while crying wolf at every opportunity now has a new contender for the National Party leadership.

Now this wee chappy has a very high opinion of him-self and he says so at every chance he gets.

This wee chappy stood and was patted on the head by the US Attorney General Eric Holder and his ego shot to new stratospheric heights un-reached ever before by a member of the human species. One needed to be a God to achieve such a level of magnificence.

Met Mr. Modest…again Chris Finlayson NZ’s Attorney General led off the debate on the Committee stages of the governments move to increase the powers of the GCSB so that they can more easily spy on you and I and then use those enhanced powers to blackmail people like Peter Dunne.

This failed electorate National Party candidate [Finlayson] who was beaten not once but three times by a Labour [Female] candidate dares to lecture New Zealand on the running of and controlling of our secret bunch of squirrels known as the meat pie and Penthouse magazine in the brief-case gang now called the GCSB.

Eric Holder a real drone fan.
 Remote murder expert. 

This good mate of Eric Holder the US top spy master, the clown [but a dangerous one] who sends drones off to murder so called terrorists but ends up killing civilians including women and children, but no problem they are not Americans so what the hell.
He was the guy that told Finlayson that he wanted to take out Kim Dotcom, and Finlayson appears to have answered yes…because just a short time later the GCSB, FBI, Police illegally raided Kim Dotcoms mansion, you remember he’s the chap that the Prime Minister, better known as, ‘The man who runs away’ simply cannot remember…and he lives in the biggest mansion in Auckland and is worth over a hundred million dollars and weighs about 24 stone.

Any way there is now a weeks recess and parliament resumes on August the 20th when the third reading debate continues, now that’s a Tuesday and the PM should be back from Hawaii by then. You should duck down to the TAB and see if you can place a bet on whether or not John Key, the run away man will take part in the debate or will he continue to hide. The odds are that he will continue to hide…but who knows, maybe his minders will tell him to attend…   

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