Thursday, 22 August 2013

Have we really sunk this low?

David Shearer gives up leadership.

David Shearer has had his moment in the sun. His heroic deeds while working for the United Nations in some of the worlds most dangerous locations was not enough to counter-balance the financial whiz-kid who while working for some of the worlds biggest rip-off artists amassed a small fortune in grubby money and then snuck back into New Zealand and brought himself the National Party leadership by using the same dirty tactics.

New Zealanders over the past 20 to 30 years have developed a taste for legalised theft and those doing the stealing have become the nation’s heroes. The leading measurement for success is ones bank balance and the size of ones mansion or mansions. This is why kids when asked what they would like to be answer a millionaire!

Mastering the dubious skills of media manipulation and bullshit and jellybean style presentation has become the norm. The bigger the lie, the more massive the crime leads to the more popular the leader.

It has become so bad in New Zealand that these days that the Prime Minister could rape a Nun on the steps of parliament and our overseas owned media would create the spin that the Nun was the blame because she was too attractive to be a Nun and that the rape committed by the PM was an perfectly normal thing for any real kiwi male to perform.

They would most likely attempt to convince the nation that the Nun was really a terrorist in disguise…that had slipped through the system hence the need to increase the powers of our US funded GCSB even further.

The Police would naturally after an in house review, decide that the rape wasn’t rape but was in reality simply an error of judgement, and that the Nun was lucky not to have been shot for her attack on the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister would claim that he remembers nothing about the incident and doubts that it ever took place. Steven Joyce, Judith Collins and Chris Finlayson would agree, and that the Nun involved would not be released from police custody until her case had been reviewed by the Privy Council in London.

In the meantime the Labour Party will commence to select its new leader while the National Party dreams up new ways of making John Banks appear honest and Peter Dunne seem balanced and sane, both of those tasks are almost impossible.

And in the meantime more and more people will become unemployed, more and more caregivers will be driven into poverty, more and more kids will remain hungry and catch third world diseases.

What a wonderful country we now live in, this is what our parents and grandparents fought and died for, the right to be ignorant, robbed legally, lied to, and looked down on. So much for democracy these days…

David Shearer did the honourable thing and resigned…will John Key do the same thing? I doubt it, why because the word honourable is involved, a word John Key can’t and will never comprehend.     

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