Monday, 19 August 2013

TV 3 poll proves Key tells fibs. Shock result stuns Nats.

The GCSB TV 3 Campbell Live poll

Well the TV3 on line poll has been completed, it was the largest poll ever carried out by TV 3. And please note it was an ‘On line poll’ which means that each person voting had to give both their email address and their contact information, so as to allow TV 3 to check the validity of each vote. If they were not validated they were not counted.

And the results were startling both in numbers and outcomes, and puts the lie to john Keys stupid assumption that people were more interested in the snapper issue than the GCSB bill that expands and legalises their illegal practices.

And we should not forget that they illegally spied on 88 New Zealand Citizens and now Key has taken one further step in allowing the law breaking agents to get away scot free and to continue with their criminal behaviour.

He started with him permitting the GCSB to break the law by raiding the Kim Dotcom mansion in Auckland. Naturally he denied all knowledge of that event. He even denied that he knew of a person called Kim Dotcom who had handed over ten million dollars in security to the government, and had held the largest fire works display ever held on the Auckland water-front.

Ian Fletcher Keys School buddy.

To cover his backside he quickly rang his best friend in Australia and suggested that he might like to apply for the top job in the CGSB, his old school buddy accepted in a flash and the standard practice for the appointment was quickly removed so that his family friend was the only applicant…and was appointed by John Key himself…beat that for doing a mate a favour…the job was worth three hundred and fifty thousand dollars per year.

TV 3 and a few other journalists broke the news…and the cat was out of the bag.

Keys visit to Hollywood was revealed, they were out to get Kim Dotcom, and they were big backers of Obama…and Eric Holder the US Attorney General and boss of US spy services set the Dot Com raid in motion, after Eric Holder patted our Attorney General on the head and said what a good boy he was. Chris Finlayson agreed with the raid and so it proceeded.

That is the history leading up to the PM commencing to change the law regarding the GCSB. He now owned the head of the GCSB, he controlled our Attorney General. He already has complete control over the head of the SIS, the various arms of the Military and the police.

Then John Campbell got up the PM’s nose! So let’s look at the result of the poll:

52,666 voted.

89% voted opposing the GCSB bill. [46000]

11% voted supporting the GCSB bill [5800]

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