Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Labour gives Nats lesson in party democracy

David Cunliffe and Grant Robertson. 

So the Labour Party now has to go through a selection process to select its leader…well what do you know we now have more than one political party that selects its leader democratically, the Greens, Mana select their leaders democratically. It’s strange how parties that inch left are the ones who elect their leader.

But no party on the right of politics bothers; they feel that democracy is what you have when you haven’t got a dictator. And the Nats have sure got that, note Key’s behaviour when parliament was asked to consider using the conscience vote procedure, he ordered his members of parliament NOT TO have a conscience…how’s that for a dictatorship!, to quote him, “I am the National Party conscience”…and if you don’t like it…GO.

Can you imagine the national party actually electing a leader?  Let’s have a quick look at the National Party make up. Its first and most powerful group is the millionaires club, its present leader belongs to that club, he is not the richest but he is the scariest. He’s scarier than say Steven Joyce, but not by much, those richer than the present leader stay well hidden as they avoid paying as much tax as possible, some even live overseas most of the time, as does the PM, to avoid paying even the much diluted tax levels now days. Of course none of them actually own anything it’s all owned by trusts which are owned by other trusts, etc, etc and so on but all the money leads back to them…follow the money and you follow the crime.

Then there is the second group of National Party members, the Farmers [well the rich ones] they receive all sorts of subsidies from the government, pollution consent, health and safety adaption’s. This bunch still believe that National is governed by good keen hard working farming types dressed in gumboots and wee hats. Men like Kiwi Keith Holyoake when in fact the honest farm raised National Party styled member died out years and years ago and was replace by city bred accountancy or legal Ponzi types and money manipulators and speculators who have never shorn a sheep, or dagged one for that matter. Regardless this group of Nat supporters will vote for who ever is placed before them, like a sheep, a sheep dog, a hay stack, Paula Bennett, some ones pet cat or rabbit.

Then there is the third and most dangerous grouping, these are the wanna-bees, they come in all shapes and sizes and consist of ex-national party employees, for example,
Matthew Hooton, (who recently on Twitter referred to Nicky Hager as a ‘pro Al Queda Commo C**t’) yet is flipping out at a Labour leader who would publicly utter ‘Socialism’ and ‘inequality’ while boasting to raise taxes, you know something good is happening when Hooton cries in his beer.. Then

David Farrar 'the Joker'. 
there is that other strange chap who runs Kiwi Blog
David Farrar and does the National Party polling each week, and who constantly appears on ‘Afternoons with Jim Mora’ a programme whose guests are so far to the right, they wear two right shoes because they just hate to wear anything left…people like Slater once editor of The Truth, the now defunct weekly trash rag, and Steven Franks an ex Act Party MP and weird Lawyer. Yes these strange but living life forms are also highly toxic and are well practiced at the skilled art of political manipulation. And I imagine that Key could buy, if he hasn’t already, each one with the flick of a bank note.

Can you imagine this diverse bunch of people wreckers could ever take part in an election to select a leader? But we can always hope that the Nat’s will become democratic one day…
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